What to do with Mobilegeddon?

  Last April, Google released a new algorithm specifically designed to give mobile-friendly websites a boost in its mobile search results. The change is said to bring a huge effect on websites, causing these to possibly drop in their rankings. It has also been penned many names, the most famous being ‘Mobilegeddon’.   So what […]

Best Ride For Big Brands: Adwords – PPC Marketing

The race in the market is getting stiffer every day and if you don’t drive fast and furiously on your     way to the top, you will soon find yourself wandering down the street. So, in this digital era, how else   can you reach greater audience and excel at “being found” online? The […]

How Not Knowing the Right Digital Agency Makes You a Rookie

Yes, we understand that you’ve worked your way to the top and this account hangs in the balance. Impressing your bosses and keeping your clients happy are what motivate you to look for long-term marketing plans that would rev up your game. Now that you are looking for alternatives, you know that you can’t forever […]

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Your Business

The social media craze has been around for less than a decade. Over that period, you’ll see how these digital channels were used to build good relationships between people and businesses across the globe. These social sites have been a distraction to many, but they have undeniably opened up opportunities to build positive brand awareness […]

7 Big Changes on Facebook that You Should Watch Out For

Last Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rocked the Social Media world by announcing seven big changes that are coming to Facebook during the F8 conference. It has been creating buzz since it has been announced, and as soon as these changes are implemented, you will be surprised to know what those can give your business. […]

Why Search Marketing is Important to your brand?

Why Search Marketing is Important to your Brand? Facts to convince your boss (specially brands form the Philippines) about the importance of SEO and Search advertising Despite the impact of the Internet in today’s business, many Filipino marketers and advertisers are having a hard time convincing their bosses to dive in to search marketing, mainly […]

Spearheading Your Brand to Digital Marketing

Observing the current situation and the degree of dependency on technology, we really are in the digital world. There is no doubt that these obvious advancements will influence the market and the way industries do business. Digital marketing in the Philippines and around the globe is continuously evolving to understand the online market more, to […]

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better to be Outsourced

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better to be Outsourced We know how powerful the Internet has become in revolutionizing the way we communicate, consume media content and do business. Hence, in its early stage, it is very important to businesses to build their presence online and secure their spot in the future of all media. […]

How to Make Your Website Readable?

Content is king. Indeed, it is. But no matter how good your content is, if your website is not readable, then obviously your readers are not going to read it. This lowers the chances of converting these visitors into leads and eventually into sales. So, here are some tips to keep your visitors linger around […]

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Social Media Marketing: Rewind

  Establishing relationships with people and credibility for your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It demands consistency, and proper utilization of social media sites. Awareness, Commitment and Communication must be the core building blocks of your strategy to ensure a long term and stable spot online. Here are the forgotten basic rules in social media, let’s […]