Start Doing Some Email Marketing – Social Media Combo Now

Face it; your online audience is cross-channelled. They are present in almost every social media platforms that can influence them one way or another. Buying decisions based on information from a single medium is a thing of the past and therefore should be addressed by enhancing presence on where they are usually are – email […]

Relationship Advice: Client Retention Tips 2016

How do you know if your business is doing good aside from basing on sales? You have to track the client retention rate – how long do customers stay and what’s their satisfaction rate. Client retention is as important as acquiring new clients. It’s much better to brag about a 10-year client than a couple […]

Website Traffic: The Traffic You Don’t Want to Stop

Road traffic on the streets and the foot traffic inside the malls will most likely hurt your head exponentially during this holiday season. Then there is website traffic, the only traffic that you would want to attract:   Direct Traffic This kind of traffic comes from people who already know your brand. They either typed […]

Online Marketing Trends 2016: May The Digital Force Be With You

Marketing is already fast evolving, what more if it’s integrated with digital? Expect endless and continuous development, more enhanced strategies to better reach and penetrate the market. Marketers have to keep up with every updates to ensure their stability and never lose sight of opportunities in the tight competition. We’ve seen the content marketing and […]

Traditional Versus Digital: Should Brands Really Need to Choose?

The touch of technology on today’s business world is becoming more apparent. Most of the brands are going digital, but should you follow the trend and change your marketing campaign based on this? Traditional marketers, worry no more. Digital marketing should be regarded as a complementary effort to the existing marketing strategies you are used […]

Social Media Marketing: Lead the Charge in 2016

Year 2015 is about to end, and fortunately, another new year is set to begin. Another beginning to try fresh strategies and overcome challenges. Sounds exciting for digital marketers, right? It’s always fun to flex your brain cells and think of many ways to make your campaign stand out from the rest. What does the […]

How to End a Direct Email – Trash Bin Love Affair

  The consequence of sending messages that is not well-designed for your email direct marketing campaign can hurt you to the extent of diminishing any potential income and damaging your brand’s reputation. Keep in mind that the leads on your mailing list have given you something valuable – their email addresses, so don’t waste that […]

Link Building Strategies You Ought To Know By Now

It’s considered a mortal sin to not know how important link building is in SEO. You can’t consider yourself a SEO specialist if you don’t know effective link building strategies. It’s even more shameful if you’re not aware about how heavy the impact of this when not done properly. Link Building is more than just […]

The Power of Internet in 60 Seconds

In just a span of a minute, overwhelming amount of data are added to the world wide web, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest and Snapchat to name a few. Can you imagine how this can impact the market? That’s why digital marketing companies are taking full advantage of social media for […]

Protect Your Brand from WTF and OMG with ORM

  Brand manager must not focus their marketplace assessment solely on today’s market shifting habits. Today, people are more active online than in the past. A single mistake committed by brands can spread like wildfire online. Good thing online reputation management in the Philippines (ORM) can be done as a positive, proactive strategy to maintain […]