Get That SEO Budget from Your Boss

  There are a lot of reasons why your brand should be investing in SEO. You are seeing these potentials yet you are half-hearted in getting your boss’ approval. To help your discussion run smoothly and get that budget for your SEO campaign, consider the following:   Look at the brand’s image We all know […]

Social Media: Tips to Boost Your Sales

Social Media continuously grows. More people, all ages and profession, join and get attached on the social media world every day. That’s why you must learn to make full use of it and make it beneficial for your business. How do you create and run a successful social media marketing campaign? Also, can you make it […]


In the world of social media, time is essential as it determines how much engagement and exposure you’ll get from your audience.  You have to post on the time where most of your audience is online. Thankfully, studies have been conducted so we can boost the presence of our posts. Below are the best times […]

Benefits of Hiring a Google Certified Agency

  No one could deny that there is so much opportunity with online marketing. With this overwhelming opportunities, companies need experts to help them achieve favorable results that would lead to more engagements and therefore sales. But because of so many digital marketing agencies, it becomes difficult to choose the right one at the right […]

How to Find the Perfect Digital Agency for Your Brand

As the competition of every brand becomes stiffer in the digital space, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of having a digital marketing arm. While they can certainly have their own department for this job, not all brands are able to hit desired results due to lack of resources, expertise and passion. To […]

Tried and Tested Remarketing Tips

By definition, remarketing is a way of reaching out and re-engaging with past website visitors. Remarketing gives you a way to bring back the audience who is already familiar with your products. It was developed and has evolved with tools that will allow you to use comprehensive techniques. Because of this, several do’s and don’ts […]


Originally acquired by Microsoft last 2007, Atlas was mainly used for measurement for tracking display ad efficacy. Indeed, it is a very useful tool for advertisers as it effectively measures ads and helps us make a better move when it comes to advertisement. That is probably why this device has caught the attention of one […]

Social Media Management Hacks That Boost 50% Productivity

Social media is everyone’s best friend which makes it a smart investment for entrepreneurs. An hour or two a day is all you need to make sure that your campaign is performing at its peak.   Check these tips on how you can make the most of your time in managing your social media platforms: […]

Social Media Survival Kit Every Marketer Should Have

  If you are planning to push your brand’s online visibility, you better start getting social.   Worldwide social media usage is growing rapidly making it an appealing platform to tap. As marketers, you should also know that like others out there, this marketing strategy  can affect your brand like a double-edged sword. Do it […]

What to do with Mobilegeddon?

  Last April, Google released a new algorithm specifically designed to give mobile-friendly websites a boost in its mobile search results. The change is said to bring a huge effect on websites, causing these to possibly drop in their rankings. It has also been penned many names, the most famous being ‘Mobilegeddon’.   So what […]