Spearheading Your Brand to Digital Marketing

Observing the current situation and the degree of dependency on technology, we really are in the digital world. There is no doubt that these obvious advancements will influence the market and the way industries do business. Digital marketing in the Philippines and around the globe is continuously evolving to understand the online market more, to […]

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better to be Outsourced

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Better to be Outsourced We know how powerful the Internet has become in revolutionizing the way we communicate, consume media content and do business. Hence, in its early stage, it is very important to businesses to build their presence online and secure their spot in the future of all media. […]

How to Make Your Website Readable?

Content is king. Indeed, it is. But no matter how good your content is, if your website is not readable, then obviously your readers are not going to read it. This lowers the chances of converting these visitors into leads and eventually into sales. So, here are some tips to keep your visitors linger around […]

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Social Media Marketing: Rewind

  Establishing relationships with people and credibility for your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It demands consistency, and proper utilization of social media sites. Awareness, Commitment and Communication must be the core building blocks of your strategy to ensure a long term and stable spot online. Here are the forgotten basic rules in social media, let’s […]

The Fading Spice of Traditional Media in the Modern World

Marketers were made to believe that TV, Radio and Print commercials will be the forevermore formula to the success of brand promotions. 50 years ago, we saw a colossal race of businesses to be seen and be heard on the tri-media. We saw how Coca-cola, IBM, Rolex, Ford, Microsoft and Nike conquer the world and […]

The Many Benefits of Email Marketing

In today’s generation, email is hailed as one of the most efficient channels of communication whether it’s for business or simple personal use. It is rated as one of the most common applications used on the internet and it can be an economical and highly effective way of getting your business active on the map. […]

Visual Content Marketing: Your Business Eye Candy

It has been proven lots of times that Google and other search spiders loooove content. But let’s face it, users are not so ecstatic to read through meaty articles no matter how informative those are unless when they’re out for a research mission. This is why in order to entice both robots and humans, adding […]

What Happens in Internet in 1 Minute and What it Means to Your Business

There was a time where internet is only used by few people to connect and access data from one place to another. Today, the same principle applies only that anyone in the world can access information from anywhere at any time. Recently Domo created an updated version of infographic summarizing the things that are happening […]

6 Signs Your Website Needs a Make-over

Have you ever experienced clicking a certain website but then closing the tab immediately? It’s either because you find the website irrelevant to what you are looking for or worse, you don’t even know what the site is all about. As more and more consumers rely on the internet for product information, it is a […]

Google Plus Ads Now Available For Businesses

Once there was PPC, then Facebook and Twitter ads. The fast-phased industry of digital marketing continues to evolve. Recently, the search engine giant, Google, announced the availability of Google Plus Ads welcoming business pages to promote their brand online. Google Plus is the social media site similar to Facebook. It was launched on June 28, […]