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The Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, although not a new concept, has been a growing trend that businesses have adapted. Whether SMEs or corporate giants, brands have included influencer marketing into their marketing efforts. This type of marketing uses content creators to bring authentic engagement and to start conversations about their brand, products, and message. As the world gets […]

Why It’s Time To Go Programmatic

Nowadays, a lot of agencies and top brands suggests and use this as part of their digital campaign strategies. But what’s all the fuss about Programmatic Marketing anyway? How is it different from other platforms that already there? Programmatic Marketing 101 Basically, programmatic marketing is the use of technology to automate and optimize the ad […]

Ad Block Dilemma: A Win-Lose Situation for Online Advertisers

So let’s head down to the point here, why do online ads get blocked? What do netizens dislike about them the most? Even for an online advertiser or content creator such as yourself, you would know how utterly annoying and bothersome online ads could be at a certain point. Based on the stats below, you […]

Stand Out From the Search Ads Crowd

  Almost everyone can implement search ads campaigns. Well, of course, provided they have computer, internet connection, AdWords login details, and bank account to use for payment. And basically, that can be anyone. Given such ease in advertising through Google’s networks, competition is high resulting to a cluttered space for brands and audience alike. Being […]

Talk to Your Audience Directly with Call-Only Campaign

People searching online are looking for immediate solutions for anything under the sun. While you, as brand wanting some “customer love”, would like to have direct communication and know them better in the quickest way possible through your ads. Solution: Including Call-only advertisements on your digital marketing campaign. If you think that using call extensions […]

Quick Adwords Optimization Actions You Can Do Daily

  Devoting time analyzing and optimizing an AdWords account is of paramount importance and should be a priority without a second thought. But really, who has time for that? It is good to know that sometimes the best way to achieved improved performance is by simply doing something quick on a relatively daily basis rather […]

Programmatic Buying: Who Said It Was Easy?

  Today, when programmatic buying rise up to conversation between agencies and advertisers, it will not lead to the basic questions of “what” or  “why”, instead, they will dig deeper into the “when” and “how” it should be done. Based on those who braved it earlier in the game, the results brands can get from […]

How to Spot a Performance Marketing Agency That Will Truly Perform

  Reality check: You, especially if this “performance marketing” thing is new to you, implementing efforts through this channel by yourself is not a winning gamble. If you are the type of advertiser that thinks better than to try your luck, by this time you may already have a list of probable performance marketing agency […]

What to Do With 45 More Characters in AdWords Text Ads

Google AdWords has recently launched the expanded text ads to cater to the multiscreen world, meaning, you now have additional 45 characters to make your ads more appealing to the target audiences on SERPs. Gone are the days of the 25-35-35 rule. The new character count is 30-30-80 with two headlines of up to 30 characters […]

Tricky Parts in Generating Leads with Performance Marketing

Lead generation is the marketing process stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service often via digital channels including various performance marketing platforms for the purpose of supporting the business specifically the sale team’s pipeline. However, with the abundance of information online combined with the all new and improved digital and social techniques today, […]