Dead or Alive: An Event for Marketing Enthusiasts

Dead or Alive: Traditional vs Digital Marketing


College students gathered last Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 at the Cinema 9 theater of SM Sta. Mesa and were treated to an insightful seminar entitled “Dead or Alive? Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing”.

The event was organized by Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ College of Business and it attempted to present the similarities and differences of various marketing tools known today such as television, print ads, internet and so much more.

Despite the weather that brought rains all throughout the afternoon, students flocked the event. The attendees were not just students from PUP but college students from other universities also joined in the fun.

Two speakers who were experts in the field of marketing were invited to give the talk to the students – Mr. Lloyd Luna, an internet marketing consultant & SEO specialist at LLOYDLUNA Communications and Mr. Marvin Ortiz, CEO of Digitalmoz, an SEO Company in the Philippines and Executive Director for Arkhi Interior Design and Builders Inc.

The seminar had certain objectives that aimed to widen the concept of both traditional and digital marketing and identify their relationship and how it can be used in the future.

Traditional & Digital Media: settling the real score

-Media is more of an evolution than a competition
Before the internet came, traditional or what we call legacy or old media was the top choice for marketing. In fact it was considered the “digital marketing” of the past. Television, radio and newspapers were some of the primary sources for marketing back then. It was until the internet was discovered and utilized that it became the new type of digital media. Internet has changed the landscape of marketing. Before, marketing focused its campaign based on locations and experiences but due to digital marketing, they can now focus on the demographics that are based on data that can be easily retrieved by the internet.

Digital marketing also made it easier and more convenient for consumers as they can now use mobile coupons and shop online instead of physically going to the store and use ticket coupons.

-Both types has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages
Despite the convenience that digital marketing can bring, any type of media has its own ups and downs, including the internet. These includes accessibility, shelf life, production costs among many others that were presented by the speakers.

Notable facts

During the presentation, some information based on research-supported charts were shared by the speakers:

* Advertisers spent a lot more money on television as a marketing tool than print or online media.
*Television is still the major driving force for awareness
*However, other channels including online media are more efficient in brand engagement
*Online media slo improves ROI as opposed to others

The Main Point

As Mr. Marvin Ortiz has stated, traditional media is not dead. It just continues to evolve as technology brings more innovations and discoveries that makes everything easier.

Both types of marketing, whether traditional or digital, are still effective today and should be utilized by businesses who aims to increase their brand awareness and expand or maintain their target audience. In fact, several brands gained popularity by creating an online presence through the use of digital marketing while others remained successful by using traditional marketing.

It is a matter of adapting to the needs of your customers and choosing the right type of marketing for you.

The seminar was truly an insightful event for students to learn not just internet marketing in the Philippines but the efficiency of both types of marketing. Stay tuned for more events like this in the future!

Disclaimer: This article is written by Martin Santos, SEO Specialist.