Online Elections Campaign in the Philippines


Online political campaign is now a necessity for electoral candidates especially that we are in the age of digital media. Establishing a solid positive Online presence with the help of Philippines’ top internet marketing company will give immeasurable advantage for affecting voter’s perception; and thus increase potential vote shares.

Advantages of Online Campaigns

Larger Public Reach

If there’s a place where politicians must put their best stake on, it’s no where else but the Internet. Get heard by millions of Filipino voters online – put your campaign platforms on the digital arena to get a wider reach.

Real-Time Public Service

Communicate your political visions in real-time. The Internet allows you to bring your solid campaign platform to who needs them, when they need it.

Effective Public Engagement

Because of real-time connectivity, the public officials can create and participate in dialogues with everyone and anyone across the country. Through online campaigns, the distance and time limitations which usually hinders effective public engagement goes out of the picture.

Effective Image and Reputation Management

Protect yourself from rampant mud-slinging and character defamation during the campaign period. Though you cannot control what your critics will put up against you, you can make sure that the public will see a fair and balanced version of your person.

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Strategies and Tools for Effective Online Elections Campaigns

Reaching through the Internet means targeting the online platforms where most people gather. To be successful in elections, candidates must craft comprehensive Online campaigns using these tools and strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

Get noticed on the Internet by utilizing search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  For example, when people search information about a candidate or issues relating to the 2013 elections, they will be redirected to the candidate’s website, articles and press releases.

Social Media Marketing

Reach the online community through effective social media marketing  using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. A candidate can post recent updates, announce events and entertain queries from the netizens 24/7. With these, he or she will have more followers and be more influential in the online world.

Come election time, they have a bigger chance of obtaining higher votes because of their campaign’s wider reach.

Google Adwords

Advertisements play crucial roles in a candidate’s online campaign. With Adwords or PPC Management the candidate can target specific demographics and specific search queries in different search engines and websites.

Since digital media is a vital tool in all aspects of marketing, it’s a great opportunity to capitalize on online campaigns that are affordable, effective and can reach large part of the voting public.

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