Pay-per-click Ads in the Philippines

Pay-per-click management or PPC advertising is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing by which an advertiser can rank for a particular search term. Most popular PPC websites are Google adwords, Microsoft ad center and Facebook. The most common advertising models are content and search advertising.

PPC Models

What is Content advertising?

Content advertising is where your ads get to appear on related blogs and websites that feature publisher codes (codes that are provided by the ppc advertising provider such as Google adwords and Microsoft search). Websites that feature publisher codes are included on the advertising network of your PPC service. Once you choose this option on your PPC advertising suite, your ads will be able to appear on blogs and other websites that feature content related to the keywords that you are targeting. Content advertising allows you to run both text and image-based advertisements (banners).

What is search advertising?

Search advertising is advertisements you see highlighted in yellow on top and on the right side of Google. This form of PPC advertising can help websites that are targeting highly competitive keywords that are hard to rank for on SEO. This can be also used strategically to target specific locations for specific industries. For example, a client is in the Philippines would like to target customers only from the countries in UK, what the client can do is to target UK on their pay-per-click campaign and bid on keywords that the people from UK are looking for in order to get visitors from UK.

How does PPC help your brand?

·      Creating enticing ad copies that encourage users to click on your advertisements

·         Increasing your ad impressions that can promote branding for your company

·         Directing users to highly-relevant landing pages to lessen bounce rates and

·         Driving consumers to high-converting landing pages to help your website achieve desired goals (sale, opt-in, membership, leads, downloads)

How can Digitalmoz help you? 

The first thing we do here at DigitalMoz is to ask the customer on the industry of their business, the keywords that they think are most important for them in terms of bringing them business, their specific target geographic market and if possible, their advertising budget. This will enable us to further understand their goals and create the right PPC targeting for their business. DigitalMoz Online

Marketing will then start creating and optimizing ad groups, developing ad copies and landing pages and will start in setting up tracking scripts to better understand the customers’ search and website behavior. This will further assist us in managing the PPC campaign.

Digitalmoz has proven itself as a trusted online marketing company not just in the Philippines but as well as in South East Asia when it comes to pay-per-click management. Last 3rd quarter of 2013, thecompany won Google Engage’s 6th Rev Up Challenge which is a competition for running an efficient Google AdWords campaign.

Of course, aside from this distinction, Digitalmoz has delivered effective pay-per-click campaigns including Facebook Paid Ads


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