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5 Keys for Quality Service

Just recently, our company received an International award for quality service (bow to the left, bow to the right, clap* clap*).  As much as it had given us “bragging rights,” receiving this award also put extra pressure on us.

First, we have to live up to B.I.D’s expectations by consistently delivering “high quality services”. Second, in pursuit of brand growth, our company must be able to exceed our current standing. Which meant that at one point or another, we will be forced to bring about a “better” kind of service.

But how do we start developing something that we cannot directly define? To be honest, when our peers asked us about that particular subject we cannot bring about a concise definition.

Upon careful contemplation, we realized that a single sentence wouldn’t really answer to “ what is quality service ?”

Until one of us said, “why don’t we just identify key points that we use to deliver quality service instead?” She won without meeting any opposition.

Without further ado, here are the five keys that define DigitalMoz’s quality service.


Five Keys for DigitalMoz’s Quality Service

Needs   &  Goals

Oftentimes, strict market competition clouds the focus of business owners,  to the point that their goals become disconnected with their business needs. Because their leading competitor does “this or that”, they are falsely led to follow their competitor’s move. As such, they begin to build up a list of business goals that will never help them get to better grounds with their target market.

It would be easy to just follow whatever our clients give us. However, our genuine concern for our client’s business and protection of our personal interest prevents us from doing so.

At DigitalMoz, our service starts with aligning our campaign’s goals with client’s real needs. We would first conduct a thorough analysis of our client’s business, get a clear view of the whole picture, and then proceed to campaign planning.

It’s a painful task, some would say unnecessary burden, but remember that you will only get to do things right – deliver high quality services that is – if you are able to address and satisfy what they really need.


When we work with our clients, our top priority is to give them what they need at the time they must have it. Prioritizing tasks, and making sure that we get all the deliverables in time is another component of our “quality service”.

For instance, we do keyword research and conduct onsite-optimization plotting even before our contracts had been signed. This way, we are able to conduct our off-site campaigns faster and easier come the time when our actual services are being rendered.

Results Generating

When you are selling your services, it’s imperative that your work should give your clients the results that they need. And not just any kind of B.S. results; it should be clear, directly observable, easily felt results.

The primary reason we conduct pre-contract research, and ensure alignment of goals-to-needs, is because we want to deliver solid results. Google rankings, bounce rates, and unique visits are just metrics that we collect for task reports. But the end-results that we give our clients, and the main concern of our team, is increase on their sales and ROI.


Poor communications, or utter lack of it, is biggest precipitating factor of the most dysfunctional relationship.

Providing quality service entails engaging in a continuous dialogue with your clients. Through dialogues, you can manage your client’s expectations, provide them with real-time updates about your tasks, determine what they need, and get feedback on how you’re doing so far.

At DigitalMoz, we employ a collaborative approach to doing business. We don’t just give monthly report, we give them weekly updates. Our quality service doesn’t end with generating results either. For our team, the manner by which you communicate these to your clients is also an important issue.

Perhaps the impact of dialogue in providing quality service is best summarized by our teammate Anna V. in one of her entries. She said, “(c)onstant communication builds rapport, increases trust, and deepens the relationship. The more your clients trust you, the more likely they’ll repeat business with you again.”

Anchored on Truth and Honesty

Quality service is always based on truth and honesty. If you want to satisfy your clients, then never try to deceive them as doing so will permanently put you in a negative light.

In our team, we always provide clean, honest results. We never try to hide any discrepancies in our report, nor do we try to manipulate or downplay an unsuccessful campaign. Instead of doing that, we focus on correcting the discrepancies and improving our results. After all, the kind of technology that we have right now wouldn’t really permit you to hide anything from your clients.

Just last week, one of our clients had been hit by the recent EMD Google algorithm update. From rank #1 of the local search, their website suddenly went unlisted in the first 100 results (such pain, yes.)

But instead of concealing it, the first thing that we did was to contact our client and inform them about the problem and provided a tentative crisis management plan for their case. The result, they trust us even more and looks forward to renewing their contract with us.