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5 Reasons to Add Infographics on your Blog

Reasons to Add Infographics on your Blog

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get you heard over the internet world. With the vast numbers of blogging sites like WordPress, Blogspot and Tumblr, and media websites that feature blogs such as Facebook, you can actually connect to the millions of online readers.

Internet marketers these days are aware of the importance of blogging to promote brand awareness. However, reading from black and white may not be as appealing for people of internet especially if you are talking about numbers and statistics.

These data are essential to explain your point and help people understand the information that you want to share. But having them in boring letters and numbers doesn’t attract readers, at all.

While pictures are helpful tools, Infographics takes your blog to the next level.

Infographics are visual explanation of your content. They are composed of pictures and words that are very ideal for topics with big data. But since Infographics are effective communication tool to illustrate your content in very creative and compelling ways, you can actually use them in your blog in any way that you want.

Studies show that since 2010, infographics usage increased to 800%. Using Google Adwords today, there’s 368,000 people who are searching about it all over the world.

Here are different reasons why you should start adding infographics to your blog weather for your business, study or even your personal blog.

Be the expert

Having the most recent research and most precise statistics together with your infographics sets the standards for your niche. This helps you achieve certain credibility for your name and your brand.

visual use of infographics

They attract readers

A mentioned earlier, attractive designs and creative concepts of infographics is one of the keys for your blog’s success. As much as possible, have a single theme that connects to the idea of your content. It’s important to keep your explanation short and simple with a phrase or a sentence. You can visit infographic resources for great ideas and reference.

They become viral

Maximize the ability of social networking websites. Infographics are more likely to be shared and reposted compared to plain text blogs. In addition, blog sites like WordPress provide embed code that can be added from one site to another creating link juices for your blog or website.

Boost website traffic

Just like in showbusiness, your blog can be an instant superstar for readers and people who are interested with your topics and similar niche. As more people see your infographics, they tend to follow you and keep updated with your latest post, thus giving you more website visits.

Instant SEO tool

As more people share your content, more people get to visit your site. This increases your website’s Page Rank with Google’s algorithm. Your infographics can be an instant SEO tool making Google recognize that your content is very useful and will give your importance for indexing and ranking.

Making an awesome and shareable infographics helps you get to the trending stories on the web. Most importantly, make it to a point that readers can’t help but to post and repost your infographics not only by its design but also because of the impact that it creates.

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