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5 Secrets for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

“Owning our media channels while we develop passionate brand subscribers can only be done effectively if we can create valuable, impactful and compelling content with consistency everywhere our customers are hanging out online.”- This is the meaningful statement of Mr. Joe Pulizzi, a well-known content marketing evangelist when he was asked about the meaning of content marketing in an interview.

Indeed, proactive content contributes to a successful business’ social media campaign because it has a huge impact in client conversion. According to a recent study of a content marketing agency in UK, two-thirds of the people who follow brands on Twitter that often have the access to unique content are also more likely to avail from these companies versus their competitors.

Most companies and businesses think that it’s effective to search for the best mediums first (print, TV, radio, internet) before creating a story. But, it’s not going to work because according to expert practitioners of internet marketing in the Philippines, content marketing strategy  should be prioritized in order to have an effective online marketing campaign. This goes to show that without an exclusive and interesting brand “backstory”, SEO and Social media marketing will not produce client leads.

Content marketing does n’t have to be complicated and too hard sell. Revealed in this article are 5 secrets for an effective content marketing, so read on!

Secret no.1: Builds brand loyalty

Effective content marketing is not limited when a customer gives the payment detail or purchased the product. It should encourage first-time buyers to be a loyal advocate of the brand because they are certain about their decisions that were formed through simple and focused contents that are consistently distributed online.

Secret no 2: Charms like a friend

Spontaneous, witty and fun-loving: these personas are what you need in order to educate, engage, contribute, share and market your content to different networks of people from all walks of life. Write content with a tone of befriending strangers and unleashing your charm like a friend. Surely readers or consumers can’t ignore your presence.

Secret no. 3: Involves ownership and expertise

Utilizing content marketing as an effective strategy for business expansion will succeed if you can find a champion or an expert that will focus on the specific business niche to make things work. Delegate your content projects to someone who knows the core and essence of the brand.

Secret no 4: Always gives value

Every great brand knows that they should not go after the money. The secret towards a great content marketing engagement lies on your business’ ability to put service first while creating a great value and impact in the minds of your clients. Content must be generous in sharing what they need to know and how you can help them in return.

Secret no 5: Triggers emotions

Contents should dare the consumer’s perception by highlighting your brand’s focus on current events, happenings and latest interests that really matters to them. This should not be clichés. Get to know them on a more personal level through digging deeper to their emotions.  This type of client engagement strategy is said to be a more meaningful connection rather than the usual.

Expert search engine marketers say that content is both a science an art. With its high demands on time and resources, small business owners should be wise in choosing the right SEO Company for their content marketing needs. The roles of expert communication specialists are essential so that you can create new opportunities for your business.  (Sources: Top Rank Blog, GetaCopywriter,




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