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5 Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

Thinking of going into Internet Marketing and becoming unsure of what to do? If you don’t even know where to start, good thing you found this page. In here, you’re going to find 5 simple but very important steps that can help you get a start to successful Internet Marketing.

Here is an infographic tip on how to make your internet marketing successful, plus the detailed explanation below:

An infographic on how to make your internet marketing campaign successful

Internet marketing infographic

Step 1: Define your goals
Before you start launching several Internet marketing campaigns – and spend considerable shares of your treasure if there’s any to begin with – I advise you to sit down first and reflect on what you really want to achieve with your Internet marketing. The reason why most Online marketing initiatives fail  is due to Internet marketers failing to pinpoint their goals. They run and try to chase different leads all at once. Base on your goals, define the most important metrics for your campaign. Say for example the number of visits you want, visit quality, viral marketing potential, social mentions, conversion rates, etc.

Get a clean-cut list of your goals, and everything else will follow.

Step 2: Know your target

The core of marketing, whether offline or online, is understanding your target market. Knowing what they want and what they don’t want is crucial as this will give you prized insights on how you will craft and execute your Online marketing plan, the kind of internet marketing model to use, and the tools you should invest in. You can get yourself posted on several websites, but unless you’re seen by your target (READ: people who needs/wants your product) your initiatives are worthless. Here’s the good news: observing your target is a lot more doable in the digital world. By using  web analytics,  you can efficiently monitor your market’s behavior. Try to see what their following, which pages they visit, which kind of keywords they search for, or what sort of content attracts them or shoos them away.

Step 3: Know your competitors

Understand the Internet marketing strategies they use.  What sort of techniques and tools contributes to them outselling your product? Do they use search engine optimization or paid advertising? SEO or PPC?  Analyze their digital maneuvers and  look for specific areas of Online Marketing where they are best at. If they employ Search Engine marketing, what keywords do they rank best at and will it be possible for you to snatch this rank from them? It’s always best to start with a foreknowledge on what you are facing because this will give you a lead on what you should be doing and how you’re going to face it.

Step 4: Measure and optimize

Once you rolled out your Online marketing initiatives, keep anchored on your metrics as they will direct your next moves. Measure and check if your metrics were achieved. So far, were you keeping up with the benchmarked figures or are you lagging a little behind? If you did hit the metrics exactly as planned, move forward and start planning another attack.  You can’t be stacked into reaching a short goal, you have to move and take the lead.

Step 5: Know your options

There are a lot of Internet marketing goals and models available today. Depending on your needs and budget, carefully evaluate and select from your alternatives. If you are a small to medium size company, is it best for you to build and train your own web marketing team and do your Internet Marketing in-house, or is it better to outsource marketing services? Which among the companies would you trust and what services to avail? If you’re already outsourcing the service, did the company  deliver the metrics they promised or should you start searching for another service provider?

Whatever options you’re considering, just make sure to carefully analyze your situation and keep focused on your goals. It’s always better to do things right the first time, but persistence and determination are proven keys for success.

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