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5 Types of Blog Posts that will Drive Traffic to Your Site

You’ve been blogging for a long time but haven’t seen an improvement in your statistics. What seems to be the problem? Well, It’s your traffic!

With millions of blogs to choose from on the web, having loyal readers is hard to achieve. Often times, it gets really frustrating because writing is such a tedious task to do but it seems like no one is reading your post or even caring to glimpse.

Well, that will not be a problem anymore. There are actually different types of blog posts that can drive traffic to your site. Remember, having a good content is the key in having handful of followers. Here is a brief list.

Creating the best post for your site l Digitalmoz

Creating the best post for your site

Breaking News

News blogs are usually high-trafficked because they are the ones who usually dish out the latest news. If there is one article that will surely drive traffic to your site, it would be this kind, especially if you apply proper search engine optimization. It also easily spreads on social media because it is one of the easiest ways to extend a never-before-heard story. Because people naturally want to be the first to know and share the latest story, there is a higher tendency that people in social channels will click on your article.

Look at those sites that create press releases here in the Philippines and in other countries, they have high domain authority and followers, right?

List Polls

This type includes the “101 things to do” posts. It could be about almost anything under the sun and more often than not, it attracts wide range of readers because of its knowledgeable and generous content. This is the kind of post that easily gets bookmarked and shared in social media sites.

Tutorial Articles

People usually log on to the Internet to learn new things or find answers to their questions. This is the reason why “how to” articles can drive traffic to your site. Just make sure that the information that you provide is well researched and far-reaching to provide answers to the users or searchers. It is also advisable to make “how to” posts about new or unusual topics like “How to Make Tie-Dye Pants” or “How to do SEO in the Philippines and so on.

Controversial Posts

There is nothing more than anything on the web that drives traffic to a site than a controversial post, especially if it is about celebrities and politics. Controversial posts are hot and can easily become viral on social media channels. This type may include videos, photos and even stories. One of the reasons why it drives traffic is because it includes secrets and oftentimes, it shocks audiences. But it is important to back up your posts with evidence and align it with your blog niche.

List of top things

It is always fun to have a list of top things on your site. It can be on a personal (Top 10 Places I must Visit Before I Turn 30) or grander level (Top 50 Most Popular Celebrity Sites). These posts will drive traffic to your website as well having a possibility to have backlinks from others blogger or website owner. Moreover, some readers might be inspired to do the same and give you credit for it (hello instant promotion). But, just like the aforementioned post, it should also be supported with reliable sources.

It is always difficult to start your own website; and a lot of times, it is frustrating. Bloggers always have high expectation for their sites but the problem is, there is no traffic.

The bottom line is, the type of posts that attract traffic is actually the ones that provide most value for the readers. When your articles are essential and helpful for your readers, you wouldn’t have to hire someone or even a SEO company to optimize your site.

If you want to enjoy high and steady traffic on your site, you have to exert time and effort in making reliable and high-quality content posts. Lastly, you should also be consistent with providing your readers value so that in the long run, they will become loyal readers thus earning a profit for yourself.