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6 Signs Your Website Needs a Make-over

Have you ever experienced clicking a certain website but then closing the tab immediately? It’s either because you find the website irrelevant to what you are looking for or worse, you don’t even know what the site is all about.

As more and more consumers rely on the internet for product information, it is a must for businesses to create a credible website for their market. Now if you have created your website ages ago, here are some signs that might make you consider redesigning it again.

1. It takes time to load.
In this world where everything comes in an instant, people got no time to wait for your website to load. According to KISSmetrics, your loading time affects your user as 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or even less! And 40% leaves the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

2. It is difficult to navigate.
Internet users have a very short patience on websites that aren’t user-friendly. If your website is difficult to navigate and consumers can’t even go from your home page to anywhere in an easy pace, chances are they won’t waste their effort learning how to navigate your site.

3. It has too much clutter.
This is the time where ads can be seen anywhere you go. Internet users find it annoying when they click a website and an unwelcome ad also opens. Same with a website with ads all over around the area. Although it is alright to put ads on your site, it’s better to have them tidily placed because there’s a probability that it will make your consumers confused and annoyed.

4. It has irrelevant and outdated content.
Once upon a time you posted a relevant content on your site. Unfortunately, it won’t live happily ever after because through the years it will be obsolete and it’s not relevant anymore. Also, the dreadful ‘404 Not Found’ errors or dead links won’t be helpful as well. This gives an impression that your site isn’t updated.

5. It can’t be accessed through mobile.
With the boom of smart phones, people around the world have turned into using mobiles for browsing the net. So if your company’s site can’t be accessed through mobile, you should probably think of a new design right now or you’re losing a percentage of potential sales.

6. It is not crawled by search engines.
Have you tried searching about your product on Google? If it does not appear on the first few pages, you really need to redesign your website and ask for an SEO company to help you optimize and design your site so you can be seen on the first page of the search engines.

After reading this article, try evaluating your website and find out which factors affect its poor performance. With many available ways for you to fix it, it’s not too late to be IN once again.

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