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7 Big Changes on Facebook that You Should Watch Out For


Last Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rocked the Social Media world by announcing seven big changes that are coming to Facebook during the F8 conference. It has been creating buzz since it has been announced, and as soon as these changes are implemented, you will be surprised to know what those can give your business. Below are the big seven changes on Facebook that you should watch out for.



Developers will get analytics for their app to see who’s been interacting with their apps. What makes this feature cooler is it can track user location and the devices used. Definitely a food for the brain.


Spherical Videos

360 degree videos will soon be part of the well-loved social media platform. With 360 degree camera technology, you have the freedom to change your perspective by clicking and dragging the screen. This feature will help business increase its engagement by hooking fans to videos that will give them a realistic feel, making them feel more connected and involved, and, of course, have more fun sharing viral videos.


Track your Purchase and Communicate with Business through Messenger

To track your online purchase, you all have to go through multiple emails just to make sure that the product will be delivered to you smoothly. This process consumes time as we can’t reply to emails promptly and the same goes with companies. Moreover, it may lead to miscommunication, problems, and many squabbles.

Fortunately, you can now track your online purchase via Facebook Messenger. You may choose to use your Facebook account for notifications, confirmations, and direct communication with businesses. This new feature will not only make your online purchase easier, it makes transactions more personalized as well.


You can now reply to Facebook messages using other apps

Who doesn’t love GIFs? These animated wonders make messages more lively and interesting! And the good news is you can now send it to your friends on Facebook Messenger. Just simply install the third party app in your messenger and let the fun begin.


Facebook videos can now be embedded

Previously, Facebook videos can only be shared through linking. But Facebook announced an exciting new feature that offers a new auto play video. This is said to be an attempt to lead people into uploading their videos on Facebook instead of YouTube.


Your comments will show on Facebook even if it’s posted on other site

Want your virtual life interconnected? Aside from Twitter & Instagram, comments on blog posts will now automatically show up on Facebook even if it’s posted on other sites. The purpose of this new feature is to help companies gain more engagement from users.


Facebook to control more devices

Facebook is serious when it comes to being an internet one stop shop. And it indeed proved it by introducing its new feature: control more devices using Facebook. During F8 conference, the internet giant announced that it has new ways of building new programs that will make the said feature possible. This means that you can control your gadgets and other devices with Facebook.

These features are indeed both exciting and beneficial not just for those social media savvy, but for online businesses as well. We all know that Facebook is a powerful digital marketing tool. It has helped many business reach success online and with these new features, there is no doubt that more milestones can be reached.


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