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A Small Business Guide to Email Marketing

At present, sending an email has been one of the most used communication strategies in the world. With 425 million active users  that Gmail had last 2012 which is still increasing, many companies have realized  how email marketing can give a boost to  promoting their products and services. With just a click of a finger, you’d be able to send your message across to your target readers in an instant.

So if you’re ready to jump start your business’ email marketing campaign, here are some useful tips you should know before you get going.


Get to know your target readers.

Just like in any form of marketing, it is a must to get to know your target readers first before starting anything else. Once you know who they are, the following steps will be easier.

If you’re still in the hunt for subscribers, determine who they are, how and where you would find them and what kind of content you should put in your email that  would catch their interest.

If you already have a list of subscribers, you may classify them into two. How did they sign up? Did they subscribe  during checkout? If they did, then they are your customers. If they found you by browsing through search engines or in public such as trade shows, then you may classify them as general audience.


Get your content ready

Once you’re happy and satisfied with your list of subscribers , the next step is to come up with the right content to send them. During the writing process, make sure to consider several factors such as the possible reason why they signed up then use that as the main focus of your content.

In addition,  make sure that your email contains information that would benefit your readers considering that nobody would click on a mail that would not be beneficial in any way.  Once they have clicked, keep them hooked by avoiding lengthy messages and injecting some personality in  it. Remember that your readers don’t have all the time in the world to read so keep your email short and to the point. Also, adding a little humor and creativity in your content would not hurt.

Take a cruise event-services company for example, their campaign  won a best promotional message award from MarketingSherpa’s fifth-annual Email Marketing Awards. In order to explain the advantages of using ships as a meeting site, they came up with an intriguing subject line, a clean page lay-out, an easy to digest message and included some pictures of the cruise ship to liven up their email. This content did not just get them an award but an overwhelming response from a third-party list of event planners as well.


Determine Sending Frequency

When you think you’ve got the right content to send to your target readers, the next thing on the list is to determine how often you would send a message. Keep in mind that businesses do not have an equal sending frequency.

There are some who prefer to do it on a daily basis and there are also cases when emails are sent only once a month. At the end of the day, it is still advisable to know what you  think  would really work best for you and your  customer.

A monthly email would be good enough to kick-start you email marketing campaign. Make sure not to  skip more than a couple of months in a row so that your readers would not forget you.  However, feel free to skip a month or two  if  you really  have nothing useful and important to say.


Set a schedule

If you choose to be more active and  send  updates regularly, setting a schedule would help you keep track on the progress of your campaign and lets you determine if you are sending the right content at the right time. Apart from that, a schedule also gives your writers, designers and managers a timeline to follow.

The industry your business is in, the type of content and your chosen sending frequency could all affect your email-marketing schedule.

With the right target audience, informative content and perfectly timed sending frequency, email marketing could help you achieve your  business goals. Just be sure to follow all the tips mentioned above for a smooth sailing email marketing campaign or better yet, team up with an internet marketing company to be sure that your campaign is on the right track.


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