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Ad Block Dilemma: A Win-Lose Situation for Online Advertisers

So let’s head down to the point here, why do online ads get blocked? What do netizens dislike about them the most? Even for an online advertiser or content creator such as yourself, you would know how utterly annoying and bothersome online ads could be at a certain point.

Based on the stats below, you would see what are the most ‘disliked’ online ad types are for netizens:




Do you agree that online pop-up ads are the most annoying? Well, I do; especially if they cover the whole screen.

Same goes for mobile users, with every tap on their app an ad appears, they stream, an ad appears. How is that okay?


Online Ads Conundrum

As much as annoying online ads could be, they are still informative and make it easier for users when they need something because most of the ads that appear to them are based from their interest, the things they search online, and the like.  

And if you think about it, is it really a loss for advertisers if some users block their ads? In a way, potential revenues are loss, however on the brighter side of things, with these users who has done the job of removing themselves from the potential reach/impression pool, ad blockers actually help you to spend your ad budget effectively. Think of it like this, you get charged for every impression of a user who actually wants to see your ad.

On the other hand, it’s a totally different story for the content sites that host ads. Ad blocking is a huge deal to them. When ads don’t get displayed , they lose online ad revenues to keep things running on their end.


What Can Be Done?

How can marketeers or online advertisers turn things around? According to this chart, people mostly click on ads because:




With this, advertisers can focus more on the creative and insightful part about an ad which make netizens interested and not annoyed. Here are some examples of native ads that people actually enjoy reading.

Online ads are truly disruptive in nature because they interrupt with what you’re doing may it be on PC or mobile. That’s why advertisers must find a way to make their online ads appealing, delightful and engaging for netizens.