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Are Google Algorithm Updates Made for Quality or for Profits?

Google algorithms keep on changing to avoid spammers and profit-driven contents used by businesses thus, giving the applause to white hats SEO and informative content posts to help readers. But is this what really Google wants (quality)? or are there other motives?

Google Panda and Penguin are the recent algorithms update created by Google to prevent web spam techniques and promote link diversity. Violators are being penalized and worst, removed in Google’s index.

Google panda and penguin update

Google panda and penguin algorithm to fight spam

However, does the big G really care about useful and high quality contents to help users or is it just killing big corporations who can afford to dominate the organic results to force them to shift in to paid advertising like Google Adwords, hence, generating more income for Google?

We know how businessmen work and Google is a corporation. Just like others, their goal is to prosper and to have so much profit as possible. and thus, what they are promoting as “Quality” can be used as a selling proposition for their proprietary needs.

Google deals with advertisers and website publishers which provide the huge part of their income. The services like Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Plus, Google Reader and Gmail which users are cherishing for free are actually from those the yellowish links that appear on your search results or on the top of your very own Gmail account.

You can say that it’s not that bad but Google actually keeps track of your searches reciprocally giving you Ads based on your search query and website preferences. Quite creepy I guess, but picturing Google as ‘Big Brother’ of the house, internet users are the housemates. We should follow his rules and win the big night of getting to the top results.

Or you can also picture the search giant as Jigsaw from the movie Saw (the morbid movie with 7 series) where players must play the game and follow the game master’s rules but in the end, everyone dies no matter how good or bad players play the game.

There is a competition between organic and inorganic search results. And if you’ll observe, those who pay are the VIPs of the ranks. This pushes monopoly and badly affects small businesses. Now if you would be asked, is Google really pushing quality or is it just bullying businesses for its profit?

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