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Are You Still Committing Old SEO Mistakes?

SEO Mistakes


Common sense is very rare as it’s considered a superpower. Sometimes, we tend to commit basic no-nos in SEO, which is very disturbing and disappointing especially if you’ve been in the field for years already.

Honestly speaking, not even newbies are excused when making mistakes because one wrong move might leave damaging effect to your client in the long run.

Here’s the three of the most bad habits specialists are prone to committing:


Focusing on the Homepage
A website has other internal pages worth visiting that your potential clients might find interesting, so why focus on your homepage alone? Though it’s very tempting to just focus on one page, still, this is considered a bad strategy. Spreading your link equity across the pages of your site sounds more natural, and opens higher chances for search engine visibility.


Pausing Link Building
Nothing is permanent. You can’t afford to stop your efforts once you reach the number one rank. Continuous link building is a must. Not doing so will surely cause sudden drop of your website from page one to page two or three. You can celebrate for a while, but never take for granted the importance of constant link building. Try new strategies and try to outsmart google, and grab a stronghold of the position in the first page.


Undervaluing Blogging
Blogging is a way of telling Google that you’re still alive and kicking, and not in hibernate mode. Since you can’t always revise your About Me Page, or Services Page, or any other pages in your site, uploading blogs can do the trick. Make sure to create relevant and trustworthy content once a week or thrice a month.


The weight of these errors can be heavily felt, once Google penalizes the website. You will have to start over again, and build reputation from scratch. That’s why it’s important to take good note of proper link building, and to continue it over time to ensure the ranking is maintained.

Only a seasoned SEO company, together with its experienced specialist can avoid such basic and old SEO mistakes. Choose wisely who or where to entrust your website. This has a lasting impact that might make you regret in the future.

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