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Be Someone Else in the Online World

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For every SEO writers or marketers, they know that we have to make SEO efforts through different methods such as link building and guest posting. SEO usually writes articles or press releases to be posted on websites, blogs or any other kinds of article submission sites.

These articles or any written content usually takes the name of the client who hired the SEO writer especially when it is posted on the client’s official website. Some may say that it’s plagiarizing or taking credit away from the original writer but as a part of the industry, it’s just a part of the job. These writers are paid to write for them for many reasons, some of them may be the lack of time, writing skills or lack of SEO knowledge so they utilize the creativity of brilliant writers and ask them to produce material as if it was written by them.

As for the writers, as SEO practitioners, they are willing to take on writing tasks which would require them to write about any given topics even if it’s not in their field of expertise. It is a tough job to do but the key is to do a lot of research and be familiar with what readers are actually looking for regarding the topic. It is also important to consider the particular target market that you are aiming for where factors such as age, gender or nationality could come in.

Building a Persona

When writing a particular topic, you really have to indulge yourself into someone who is an expert. Instead of thinking of what would you write about, think of what your client or any expert in the same field would write about and what your readers will pick up from your article.

Usually, guest posting or article submission sites ask authors to describe themselves briefly. Writers should take advantage of these by filling it up with information that would fit the type of person who would write the given article. It adds credibility to you as a writer and readers would most likely invest reading your article if they see that it was written by an expert who knows what he’s talking about.

But these personas are not just for temporary usage, having a persona could help you when you write and submit more articles in the future that are in the same field or industry.

The most important thing to remember is that nowadays, it is easy to make anyone believe anything in social media and you really have to show that what you post in the internet is credible no matter who you are writing for to make it believable.

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