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Benefits of Hiring a Google Certified Agency
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No one could deny that there is so much opportunity with online marketing. With this overwhelming opportunities, companies need experts to help them achieve favorable results that would lead to more engagements and therefore sales. But because of so many digital marketing agencies, it becomes difficult to choose the right one at the right price. Sadly, you may end up paying for a service which gives you zero results.

So how can you make sure to get the best partner in digital marketing? Hire a Google certified agency, of course!

Here are the reasons you should pick Google certified agencies over amateurs.

They have certified analysts and account managers.

When you hire a company that has Google partner status, then that company meets Google’s standards for customer care best practices. Aside from that, they have employees managing accounts who have Google Adwords certifications. Google make sure that their certifications are current so that customers are confident that they are working with professionals.

They ensure profitability and quality service.

A Google certified agency gives optimal service by ensuring that your ads, keywords and landing pages of your campaigns are bringing in the target market. You are sure that you are in good hands because Google reviews if the company’s client accounts are receiving good results.

They wouldn’t let you wait in line.

If the Google certified agency that you hire has a large ad spend, they surely have their own Google Representatives. The benefit of having a Google rep is that the agency can contact Google  whenever their client has an issue. For an instant, if you have problems with your Adwords campaign it would normally take 3 days to address this matter but with a Google rep,  your problems can be solved in no time.

They are experts on different form of online advertising.

Basically, they are an all-around digital marketers. You don’t have to worry about your Youtube ads, pay-per-click campaigns or your mobile ads.  It is because they have employees who are not only trained in SEO keywords but are Google certified experts who took and passed the exams on AdWords fundamentals, search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising.

They know the ins and outs of Google better than their competition.

Google certified companies are aware of the upcoming changes like the “Mobilegeddon” which requires all the websites to be mobile-friendly. Google is also dedicated in educating their partners so that you are rest assured that you only get the quality service you deserve. Also, being certified by Google gives them access to new features especially when they are still in a testing period. It means that they can provide you a new innovation that amateurs don’t even know about.

With a Google-certified agency, you are confident that they understand what your company needs. They know how and when to execute campaigns that will boost the online  visibility of your brand.  You don’t need to be alone in the online world. Hire a Google-certified agency as your partner and start your way to success!