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Overview sells hcg kits for people who wants to lose weight fast and safe through HCG diet programs. The company is based in Redondo Beach, FL, and is serving clients across the globe.

Due to some advertising restrictions, Buy HCG 123 has sought Digitalmoz team’s help in promoting the company’s products organically and through social media to further reach new markets and increase sales.



  • Guide the entire web development process of the site to be search engine friendly while having the required functionalities

  • Identify keyword opportunities that can attract possible customer to

  • Position the company’s president, Colin F. Watson to become the expert in HCG diet programs

  • Rank on search engines for target keywords globally



  • 1001.322 % increase in traffic after 9 months of SEO and internet marketing commencement

  • From a traffic of 908 visitors the site achieved 3000 visitors after two months of optimization

  • On its 3rd month up to its 9th month, is averaging 10,000 Unique Visitors on a monthly basis

  • We have increased Facebook followers to 2000 for its first two weeks of Facebook PPC campaign

  • We help develop an average of 30 new customers a month excluding program subscribers