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Buhay Party-List tops 2013 Philippine elections with the help of DigitalMoz Sourcing Inc.

Makati City, Philippines – With almost 1.3 million votes, BUHAY (Buhay Hayaan Yumabong Party-List) dominated the recently concluded 2013 Elections. This gives them the privilege to serve the country for three more years.

Their victory also proved that Filipinos can unite to elect a party-list that will represent people from all walks of life. Extending more arms by giving voice to the marginalized sectors of the society.

Aside from the nationwide campaign set by the representatives of Buhay Party-List, they also ventured to online media where everyone can be connected instantly from anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, a portion of their victory came from their massive exposure in the internet made possible by their internet marketing service provider, DigitalMoz Sourcing Inc., which helped the said party-list in communicating their advocacies for the country through the continuous updates, announcements and posts disseminated in their website and social media accounts.

How DigitalMoz’ Internet Marketing Services Helped Buhay Party-List

Before Digitalmoz started providing Buhay Party-List its internet marketing services, Marvin Ortiz, CEO and Founder of Digitalmoz, was challenged yet optimistic that his team will be able to execute the right strategies to achieve the goals of Buhay in the 2013 election party-list race.

Buhay Hayaang Yumabong Party-list committee

Buhay Hayaang Yumabong Party-list committee

The representatives of Buhay Hayaang Yumabong Partylist

In an interview, Ortiz said, “Internet can be a very powerful channel to disseminate information, promote awareness and interact with a broader audience especially the youth which marked an estimated number of 20 million number of votes. With the right strategy, we knew that we can assist Buhay promote its values and magnify it via the online media.”

The internet media campaign which started August 2012, allowed Buhay Party-list to actively participate and interact with the voters by means of online platforms like Buhay’s official website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The Philippine-based digital marketing company used these channels in promoting the organization’s idealogies, as well as, defending the party-list to harsh and deregatory attacks of oppossing political group supporters. “We had our own share of battles when we supported Buhay, specially with the very controversial RH bill/law. There were very angry groups calling us names, bashing us via social media and all. Though we did not win in that particular issue in the senate and congress, we believed with Buhay’s principles. We were very passionate about sharing our views and research about that issue and that just made all the difference” , Ortiz added.

This strategy allowed them to sustain the reputation and integrity of Buhay Party-List that allowed the organization to gain the trust and the vote of the tech-savvy Filipino voters nationwide.

The party list together with their representatives headed by Mr. Lito Atienza, Cong. Michael Velarde Jr., and Cong. Irwin Tieng all agreed that Digitalmoz has the abilities and expertise in carrying out the organization’s ideologies.

“Meeting face-to-face with the Buhay party-list leaders gave us goosebumps specially when they told us that the goal was to become number one. We were hesitant a bit but seeing the passion and dedication of the group with their principles gave us the motivation to extend our service and successfuly immerse with the organization. I am just so happy it paid off.” – the young CEO, added.

As helped Buhay Party-List through their online media services, this victory has proven that internet is an efficient and cost-effective platform in spreading a group’s ideologies and principles, as well as obtaining organizational goals.


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