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How to End a Direct Email – Trash Bin Love Affair

  The consequence of sending messages that is not well-designed for your email direct marketing campaign can hurt you to the extent of diminishing any potential income and damaging your brand’s reputation. Keep in mind that the leads on your mailing list have given you something valuable – their email addresses, so don’t waste that […]

Link Building Strategies You Ought To Know By Now

It’s considered a mortal sin to not know how important link building is in SEO. You can’t consider yourself a SEO specialist if you don’t know effective link building strategies. It’s even more shameful if you’re not aware about how heavy the impact of this when not done properly. Link Building is more than just […]

The Power of Internet in 60 Seconds

In just a span of a minute, overwhelming amount of data are added to the world wide web, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest and Snapchat to name a few. Can you imagine how this can impact the market? That’s why digital marketing companies are taking full advantage of social media for […]

Protect Your Brand from WTF and OMG with ORM

  Brand manager must not focus their marketplace assessment solely on today’s market shifting habits. Today, people are more active online than in the past. A single mistake committed by brands can spread like wildfire online. Good thing online reputation management in the Philippines (ORM) can be done as a positive, proactive strategy to maintain […]

Are You Still Committing Old SEO Mistakes?

  Common sense is very rare as it’s considered a superpower. Sometimes, we tend to commit basic no-nos in SEO, which is very disturbing and disappointing especially if you’ve been in the field for years already. Honestly speaking, not even newbies are excused when making mistakes because one wrong move might leave damaging effect to […]

Online Marketers Beware: Never Do A Hashtag Hijack

  Hashtag is amongst the powerful tools in the social media arena due to its countless benefits. Once you choose the right keywords, you only need to precede it with the pound symbol (#)  and you will have phrases that are both searchable and linked to a real time feed of social media posts under […]

Social Media Managers: To Do Checklist

It’s easy to sign up on different social media platforms, that even as young as a 11 year old child can create himself/herself an account without much adult supervision. It’s different when you do it for a brand. The process is the same but there are strategies included to give the account a little push, […]

Being Green Is In: Digital Marketing for Eco-Friendly Brands

  Invest with some green marketing strategies and the enjoy greener pastures!   Recent studies showed that global consumers expect brands to know and act upon their environmental responsibilities now more than ever. This raising awareness pushes brands into taking appropriate green initiatives without compromising ROI targets. One of the perceived solutions is eco-friendly marketing […]

The Big Question: Why Is Social Media Important For Your Brand?

Admit it or not, people have been spending significant amount of time on various social media platform. Updating and browsing such sites has become  part of their routine — to some extent a necessity, allow me to assume. The good thing is, there’s nothing wrong with it. Marketers should take advantage of social media to […]

Signs That You Need Help in Marketing: PPC

  Managing an AdWords campaign is not as easy as you think it is, that you can put it on autopilot and let Google run it for you. Though this is possible (but not advisable), having not enough knowledge about this will cost you A LOT. So, how do you save yourself from wasting budget […]