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6 Signs Your Website Needs a Make-over

Have you ever experienced clicking a certain website but then closing the tab immediately? It’s either because you find the website irrelevant to what you are looking for or worse, you don’t even know what the site is all about. As more and more consumers rely on the internet for product information, it is a […]

Google Plus Ads Now Available For Businesses

Once there was PPC, then Facebook and Twitter ads. The fast-phased industry of digital marketing continues to evolve. Recently, the search engine giant, Google, announced the availability of Google Plus Ads welcoming business pages to promote their brand online. Google Plus is the social media site similar to Facebook. It was launched on June 28, […]

Top 5 Fears of Businesses About Digital Marketing

Fear is what makes most businesses vulnerable. It makes them stagnant, avoiding growth. It hurts to fail but that’s actually better than doing nothing at all. So what are these fears? Here are some. Fear that Digital Marketing is not for your business Sound strange for marketers but some companies actually think that it’s not […]

Things That You Should Not Expect From Your SEO Specialist

Digitalmoz loves SMEs. There’s not doubt about it. And like any other relationship, there should be a give-and-take process that both parties should understand in order for the partnership to work – and last. We’ve been in the business for some years now and we’ve been with different kinds of clients. Some were good, some […]

How Facebook’s Premium Video Ads Will Benefit Businesses

How much tolerance do you have when watching video ads at the beginning of every music video, TV show or movie when you fire up Youtube? Are you easily persuaded to watch the whole ad, or do you just patiently wait for the 5 seconds to end, are you annoyed all throughout your Youtube experience? […]

Is SEO Dead?

This scary question lurks the digital marketing industry as Google updates its search algorithms more often than as it did the previous years. Some practitioners fear for their jobs while business owners fear the lost of business opportunities that SEO strategies used to bring. But fret not since SEO is very much alive. In fact, […]

The importance of audience-based SEO in targeting keywords and creating content

There are many problems that most SEOs and internet marketers are encountering before, during and after the campaign. On the other hand, small businesses who want to start Search Engine Optimization on their own are also caught up in achieving their marketing goals. While most businesses want to be on the first page of search […]

Improving Your SEO through Pinterest

It is a given fact the Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the world of digital marketing.  There are many SEO companies located in the Philippines that develop different strategies to make a website rank. Picking the most competitive keywords, creating high-quality articles, linking to the right pages, and sharing your services to well known […]

Bounce Rate: The metrics for user satisfaction

The sport table tennis is probably the closest example for the concept of bounce rate. When you play alone and flip the other side of the table, obviously no matter how hard you hit the ball it will just bounce back at you. Its different when playing with a pair where you can see the […]

SEO & Online Marketing: What to Expect in 2014

Hello, 2014 and goodbye, 2013. And from the perspective of an SEO specialist, it means turning our backs from link spamming, content spinning, press release spam, and link networks. As we continue what we have started when the latest Penguin update dumped our “hardwork” in the bin, our main goal for the coming months is […]