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Content is not King: 4 New Perspective on Content Marketing

Content is King. We hear it all the time. But for me, this is a misleading statement since content is nothing without its readers. Whatever you or your brand post online is, content and whoever reads and reacts to your content is your audience. Audience has the power to share, react and scrutinize your content. So I guess the “content is king” is fast phasing-out and we should now accept that the world-wide-web is transitioning to the “Audience is King” era. And it’s here to stay.

Below are some insights on how Audience has dethroned content being KING.

New Perspective on Content Marketing

The King loves to eat. Your Content is Food – it must be good!

You audience – Facebook friends, Twitter Followers, website visitors, community, etc. whatever you call them, whatever you define them, they are your king. The king has the authority to say what he likes or  dislikes.  The king is very influential, picky  and can decide when to throw his food or share it with the royalties. Good content must be served at all times and the king must like it. As a cook (content provider), we must know and understand what our King wants. We must serve nothing else but hot, flavorful and juicy dishes (messages) to the king. Standards must be always at par!

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The Medium is the Message – Your Message Must be Wrapped up with Class.

This scholarly theory by Marshall McLuhan still applies to Digital Marketing since digital messages are still perceived through its medium. Effective digital marketers know how  important the medium is in delivering the message since content is being perceived through its means as well. We don’t expect Google, Apple, Microsoft or some other big brands to respond in every tweet or blog that is addressed to them. For business transactions, we all know that it is more appropriate to use email in communicating with our recipients.  Whatever goal we have in mind, the medium we use must be also considered.

Build Relationships. Befriend your Kings.

All marketing, sales and other form of communications message are intended for the audience. Our ultimate goal is to build relationships and rapport with people, and that can be only achieved through great content. Content isn’t king but rather a knight or a bishop that can bring audience together through good intentions. A powerful content can engage people, build camaraderie and create new bridge of relationships. Our content should be geared towards to satisfying the Kings, then rewards will follow.

Brands are long-term, content is the foundation.

With the rise of digital marketing and social media,  more people are unaware  that they are already building their own brand on the internet through the content they share. Do you have friends who posts content about their love life, about their travels  or their favorite food for example?  Well, this is part of  accidental branding, wherein people gets associated with the content that they share and their audience consume.

All forms of communications are geared towards in targeting a specific audience. We want to be found on top of search engines, be visible on social media and build our brand on the internet because we want our kings to notice us. By looking at this perspective, “Content isn’t King – The Audience is“, we will be able to develop content that is rich, helpful and full of insights. For sure, we will see a cleaner and better world-wide-web.