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Cross-Device Ad Targeting: Improving Brand Presence in the Online Customer Journey


Now, more than ever, online marketing has been a useful extension of the traditional marketplace.

Customers interact with brands through various online channels such as the web, mobile applications, emails, and online communities consisting of individuals with varying degree of brand knowledge. With the continuous advancement of mobile gadgets combined with this, more and more customers browse online using multiple devices, seamlessly switching between desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Cross-device targeting gives digital advertisers the power to send targeted advertising message to consumers on whatever device they are using. This is possible by getting into known customer data such as an email address used to log into multiple devices, and going on a variety of data signals like IP address, device type, browser type, location and operating system to create connections between devices. Need more convincing to consider cross-device targeting on your digital media advertising? Think through the following:


Cross-device lifestyle

The activities of a person nowadays is basically a smartphone in the morning to check the day’s update and schedule, desktop computers or laptop while at their work, and probably a tablet with full browser to surf the internet, play game, and watch videos online in the evening. In order to maximize impact in this new lifestyle, marketers need to follow the consumer’s journey to deliver appropriate and relevant messages.

Demand for seamless online experience

Regardless of device or channel the target audience use, thinking through the entire journey is of paramount importance rather than just focusing on a single interaction. Many times, customers complete activities across more than one channel over a period of hours, days, or even weeks. A brand that can pull off ways to help customers be able to continue where they left off, no matter what device or channel,  can really differentiate itself from those that provide a problematic and fragmented online experience.

When one is never really enough

Customers, especially today, own multiple devices that your competitors might have included in their targeting. Focusing on a single device may have you lose significant number of impression as a result. However, you should not dwell in repurposing promos across devices. Instead, use dedicated creatives for each and every device to generate unique and profitable engagement.


It’s getting more common for a shopper’s decision-making process to involve more than a single device and online touch point. This means that there’s a growing need for brands and advertisers to have an effective cross-device strategy. Tracking the overall ads performance for various devices will be insightful for brand’s’ future efforts.