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Being Green Is In: Digital Marketing for Eco-Friendly Brands



Invest with some green marketing strategies and the enjoy greener pastures!


Recent studies showed that global consumers expect brands to know and act upon their environmental responsibilities now more than ever. This raising awareness pushes brands into taking appropriate green initiatives without compromising ROI targets. One of the perceived solutions is eco-friendly marketing approach: going digital.


Value online communities

Customer engagement is easier via social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are convenient avenues for effective engagement, driving traffic to your company’s page, and establishing brand awareness. That being said, interacting with your audience in online communities can support your brand in a way that is cost effective and with no waste left on venues if done on the streets.


Send direct and relevant mails

Direct email marketing approach is an inexpensive method to contact your customers as frequently as you would like paperless and with minimal environmental impact. Just remember that upon setting up a personalized direct email marketing campaign to reach current and potential customers, a properly furnished mailing list should come along with it. Digital marketing experts use various tools to conduct wise lead generation so that your time and message will not be wasted on uninterested contacts and wrong addresses.


Advertise when they need it

Traditional advertising materials can be seen almost everywhere. It does not only irritate people but also leave traces that are harmful to nature. Marketers should realize that almost everybody run to search engine whenever they need specific product or service. Being visible at that time gives you higher chances for acquisition made possible by paid ads on Google search and display network.


Today, brands are finding ways to claim territories on both physical and digital arena. Will you let your brand get left behind? Work with a group of experts now and see measurable results.