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Digitalmoz offers guidelines on how to rank website after Google’s “Penguin” update

Since Google introduced another search ranking algorithm called “Peguin” last April, many websites has crashed down.

Almost everyone in the cyber space is puzzled and confused with what Google had done with its system. The first and second algorithm updates was run last April and May of this year, respectively.

According to, the webspam update which was soon dubbed as Google Penguin adjusted a number of spam factors, including keyword stuffing, which impacted an estimated 3.1% of English queries

The Google 'Penguin' update- Digitalmoz' take

The Google 'Penguin' update- Digitalmoz' take

A ranting website owner said in Facebook, “What happened with Google? I spent a lot of effort and money just to get in to its first page and now my website is nowhere to be found, this is crazy!”

Businesses and website owner got their own sentiments when it comes to this much-talk-about Google update. Many are concerned with what’s going to happen next and with how they will make their sites triumphant again.

With how things turned out, Digitalmoz, a prime SEO company in the Philippines, provided tips and simple guidelines on how to survive this Google update.

Businesses and website owners shouldn’t be alarmed with what Google did. There are ways on how to survive the effect of this new Google algorithm update. We just need to understand that there are a lot of search engine tactics that cannot be utilized anymore.

It was mentioned by Google experts that Google is now wiser compared to the previous years. Google is expecting a more knowledgeable websites especially when it comes to content and the link building process.  Therefore, many practices in getting link backs are not anymore considerable.

Google wanted more essential from us. They want us to provide better resources to the readers. Everything we put in our site should be valuable and compelling at the same time. This will produce high quality link backs for our site.

Here are some of the guidelines Digitalmoz, a leading SEO provider in the Philippinessaid that will help every website survive the Penguin update:

First, posting comments on high-quality sites will create an equally high-quality link back. Second, it will be very helpful if a website can provide essential information and an avenue wherein readers are led to other related references same as yours. Third, avoid spamming users, this will not help. Fourth, stop submitting links to those low-quality sites; this is a futile attempt in achieving high ranking. Lastly, improve every aspect of your site, this will contribute a lot.

“Site owners should try doing these guidelines, these will improve the site’s quality and hopefully the rankings as well,” Mr. Ortiz ended.

It is said that Google will continue to filter out sites that are producing low-quality content or do not meet the required standard. Website owners should be ready and keep their websites on the right track.