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Easy Tips for Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy

Pay-per-click advertising is an Internet marketing “model used to direct traffic to websites.” Advertisers pay a SEO company every time their ad is clicked. Basically, advertisers or business owners bid on a keyword (or keyword phrases) that are relevant to their offering.

The Power of an Ad Copy

An ad copy is displayed either at the topmost or right side of Google whenever you type a search term.

This is how PPC advertisements look like in Google.

The ad copy is the most important part of any PPC campaign because it directly communicates with the searcher; so, it is imperative that you must instantly grab their attention. The challenge however, is that, it has its own rules. This article will help you to become a more effective PPC campaign ad manager.

Text/Advertising Structure

The PPC ad copy structure is composed of a 25-character headline, two description lines with 35 characters each and a final line that displays your URL up to 35 characters. There are technical rules that should be followed when writing your own copy; and on top of the list,

  • Every Word Should Be Capitalized- this is done to make sure that your ad stands out to the reader.

Here’s a comparison:

Which of these two is better?

Which Of This Two Is Better?

  • The second technical rule is all about punctuation. Use proper punctuation to make it easier for the reader to understand you and ultimately, to encourage a higher Click Through Rate (CTR).

Take a Look at these Examples:

Is Going To Be A Long Entry I Hope You Don’t Get Bored Reading It

This is Going To Be A Long Entry. I Hope You Don’t Get Bored Reading It.

Additionally, Google applied an extended headline system for PPC so that practitioners will use proper punctuations–an ad in the top of the page has its description line appear alongside the headline.

You have to remember though that if you want your ad to be on top of the page position, description lines are placed side by side, not stacked up on top of each other like on the right side of the page. This can only mean one thing; if you are aiming to be on the topmost page, try to make one sentence out of two lines without any punctuation.

A good example of a catching PPC ad copy.

Ad Content

The key in having an effective PPC campaign is balancing the technical and content part. As an ad copy manager, you should not also forget about your content because this is what really attracts the reader to click on the ad. You have to make it eye-catching and attractive for them.

The limited character spaces in PPC are the most challenging part for any one. The rule here is, you have to be direct to the point and include a convincing Call To Action description (i.e. “buy now”) and a Unique Selling Point (what makes your product different from the rest). More than that, your content must also include the keyword that you are targeting because Google considers it to be part of your Quality Score (this affects how much you have to pay when bidding).

Ad Copy Assessment

At the end of the day, when you check and have the numbers, you will know which ad copy is working or not. Compare the CTR’s to the impression and click volumes which has the highest. If you have an ad with low number, you can pause it and evaluate the components, its contents and rework it.

Few More Tips

Because PPC is very character-specific, use punctuations like the ampersand, question mark and period to emphasize a point and to save on additional space in the description lines. And, if you are a newbie, try to flex your creative muscles by combining CTA with your keyword in making the headline.

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