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Effective Content: Keeping Visitors on Website Longer

Since content has been declared king, there has been a fierce competition going in the internet. For every web writer, keeping visitors glued to the website is their crowning glory.

Excellent content means less bounce rate, or fewer readers will leave your website abruptly to visit another one. By having a good content to keep your readers interested, you will have greater chances to invite them to try your products and services. By winning in this competition, both writer and businessman will be happy.

There are thousands of websites out there competing for the chance for internet users to glance at them. It’s a sad fact that readers don’t have the patience to read everything, or even spare a minute of their time to read beyond the introduction.

This is why every web writer must painstakingly keep in mind not just great writing tips but also some pointers on how to keep your readers interested, as well as not forgetting the presence of web crawlers, in order for the site to get traffic, good ranking, and conversion for the business.

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When writing content for a website, a writer should be prepared to do KISS, or Keep It Simple, Stupid. It may hurt one’s writing pride, but there’s no other way around it. It is a content writer’s job to create texts that are easily digestible and will not scare readers away for being too crafty and technical. If you’re writing about plastic surgery, you can’t expect your readers to be experts and understand the medical terms that you think would impress them. Just keep it simple like you’re talking to a friend who’s ready to have fun times with you.

· Use keywords properly

Keyword optimization is a must for a successful internet marketing campaign. These keywords are what will bring your readers to your website and hopefully get their interest. But also keep in mind that even though you are inviting web crawlers to rank your website, you are writing mainly for people. Your customers will pay for your services, not search engines, so don’t stuff too much keywords that make them appear unnatural.

· Befriend the headers

Headers are search engines’ friend so be sure to befriend them as well. By knowing the proper tricks in the usage of h1, h2, to h6, you’ll have a search-engine friendly article. Also, this would grab your reader’s attention so be sure that your keywords are in their proper places and you’re convincing enough with your headers.

· Don’t hate bullet points and lists

You can’t call yourself a web writer if you haven’t written at least one article that goes like “Five Secrets to Get Rid of Snoring” or “11 Ways to Destroy Your Website.” If you think that it makes your writing dull by making use of bullet points and lists, then you should start thinking how your readers hail you. By making use of them, you give room for readers to breathe and help them find what they’re looking for easily.

· Make your readers happy

Yes, it’s easily said than done. But it’s a challenge to every writer to maintain their creativity in making readers happy while making content for web crawlers.

So, keep in mind that in order to come out victorious in the battle of keeping visitors longer on a website, an effective web writer should keep these tips in mind.

And for business owners, if you can’t write like how greatly you talk in your sales pitch, then it would do your business strategy good to hire an SEO company that offers the services of writers who know their way in search engine land.

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