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Email Marketing Just Got Better


Email marketing is said to be the oldest marketing trick when it comes to the online world. Moreover, anyone can easily do this — collect email addresses, compose a letter, send them to prospects, and wait for a reply. Easy as pie!

Or not.


More emails, more fun

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is a tedious job. Just collecting email addresses to filtering them to fit your criteria of qualified clients already consumes a lot of time. Moreover, if you do not have the right tools and studies to back up your email marketing plans, then you can say that you’re waiting for that coveted blue moon to appear.

But if you have the expertise to do this, then congratulations. Those email addresses will definitely not go to waste!


How can you get more from our email marketing?

Digitalmoz offers a comprehensive email marketing plan. From creating marketing e-mails to customizing templates that could work for your brand, our team can run the campaign for you.  You are also in luck for having tools that could measure the open-rate of your letters for easier evaluation of the campaign. And if you want a more detailed campaign, then we never shy away from a challenge.

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Sample Email Marketing Campaigns :


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