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Evergreen: A content that will last

In one way or another, you have probably encountered articles that are ‘Evergreen’. But what is it and how it can help your business?

Evergreen is a term used by digital marketing experts for contents that can generate traffic to a website for the longest time. It contains relevant and useful information to the readers and can withstand algorithm updates like Google Panda and Penguin. It also abides white hat SEO practices.

It can help boost your business success as more people will be driven to your site when you post it from day one.So how can we create this everlasting content? You can start one by following these three steps:

First, keep in mind that your content must be immortal so avoid topics that can be easily forgotten. Using topics from news today is not really a good idea because tomorrow, they will just be a part of history.

Second, make sure that your topics are relevant to your business niche as well to your audience. You can also use phrases like “How to” or “Tips in” which easily gets attention of people who are searching over the internet.

Last, your content must be visually appealing. Most of the people, if not all are more likely to read contents with images and videos rather than articles that are text heavy. Our eyes love visuals so use your creative juices in creating infographics, tables and pictures that will attract your audience attention.

Always remember that content is the king in marketing your website. Make sure that you king will have an everlasting rule in the kingdom of SEO.

Anna Villena

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