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Facebook Advertising Campaign

Effective Tool in Promoting Business


From an innovative social media platform which aims to connect the community, Facebook has evolved to be one of the most effective tool in business advertising because of its capability to reach the broadest possible audience while building a more personalized and creative approach in marketing different products and services.

facebook-ad-campaignAt present, we can say that Facebook makes it simple for any business owners to boost the reach of their content. All they need is expert Internet marketing firm in the Philippines to take charge of their Facebook advertising.

As eMarketer predicts, people who uses social networks like Facebook will reach 1.5 Billion by the end of 2013.  As a matter of fact, 1.2 billion social media users were listed in December 2011. With these presented data, we can conclude that Facebook advertising is the next to look forward in terms of internet marketing strategies in the Philippines and abroad.


How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

  • Facebook ads are driven to target users based on their “LIKES” and interest. These are the metrics used by search marketers to analyze conversion rates, ROI down to the creative campaign launch.
  • Wider market reach. With the huge number of Facebook users, as a B2C company, targeting consumers and making them aware about your brand will be easier.
  • Similarity to other online paid advertising platform is an advantage. Like Google Adwords or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, multiple yet similar campaigns with different parameters are developed by SEO experts and internet marketing professionals to target audiences’ awareness and interest about a specific business or brand.


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Winning Facebook ads should be managed effectively to ensure that qualitative results will bring traffic. In this regard, Ad testing, landing page relevance, bidding to business goals should be analyzed and launched carefully for an increase in ROI.

Aside from Social Media Management Service, DigitalMoz provides Facebook Advertising service in the Philippines and to business around the globe. We can manage your ads targeting the right audiences given the right advertising budget. This will help us to further understand your goals and create the right Facebook Ad Campaign for your business.

Start increasing your consumer’s interest and awareness using one of the most marketable social media tool today, DigitalMoz helps your business grow with our Facebook Advertising service. Let’s start today!