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Originally acquired by Microsoft last 2007, Atlas was mainly used for measurement for tracking display ad efficacy. Indeed, it is a very useful tool for advertisers as it effectively measures ads and helps us make a better move when it comes to advertisement. That is probably why this device has caught the attention of one of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook. And when they acquired it from Microsoft for $100 million, they made sure that it will make a change when it comes to targeting a company’s audience. Here’s how Atlas can change the game in the digital marketing world.

More Precise and Effective Targeting

We all know that Facebook has given advertisers a powerful target through demographics, psychographics, and behavioral data. But Atlas can give you a better way to target your audience through giving advertisers access to the audience’s activity outside the walls of Facebook. Definitely a big move in the digital marketing world.

Solution to the cookie dilemma

Cookies on average perform at 59% tracking success rate and fail to connect users across mobile devices. This is a big problem as more users are using mobile nowadays. But Facebook Atlas can rely on people-oriented data by making use of user IDs. Through this, Atlas can identify consumer who switch to different devices with precision.

Cross device tracking

Erik Johnson, the head of Atlas, stated that Atlas helps marketers reach people across devices, platforms, and publishers through delivering people-based marketing. In his blog post, he announced that the relaunch of Atlas includes connecting online campaigns to actual offline sales, providing the real impact that digital campaigns have in reach and new sales.

Atlas’ new code base include targeting and measurement capabilities and new ways of evaluating media performance centered on people for reporting measurement, making it easy for marketers to run an effective campaign.

In the always changing world of digital marketing, it is critically important to find new and creative ways to achieve a successful campaign. Thankfully, Atlas was created to help digital marketing practitioners attain this goal. With this device, you can now satisfy your boss, your clients, and your target audience! Atlas will definitely save you from being a haggard marketer.