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Facebook Campaigns that Generate Likes and Sales

Marketing and advertising is not only available in mainstream media but also online. But unlike in TV and Print, you don’t need big chunk of funds to develop a successful marketing campaign.

Facebook is one of the best avenues for a small business to run the tables in his industry. Increasing your database through internet marketing campaign, subscription and ‘likes’ can provide conversion and your most wanted sales.

Here are the key components of a successful campaign in your Facebook profile or Fan Page

Free and enticing content

Similar in creating blogs on websites, your posts and statuses must be  fun and engaging. When a follower posted a comment, feel free to give a feedback if necessary. But avoid interacting with haters unless you can outsmart them – like a boss.

In addition, your content must be delivered according to your company’s branding while playing with your creativity. You can use recent news and connect it to your business’ view, you can also post infographics and other witty and informative images. Also, make sure that fans can share and repost it so it can bee seen by their network of friends.

On the other hand, publish your content in a regular, un-spammy basis. No one wants to have their news feed flooded with your posts.

facebook-marketing-contestCreate a contest

This is common yet effective way on how you can generate ‘likes’ on Facebook. In starting a contest, you must determine your goal. Do you like to increase your fan-base, sales, or build links?

You should also give an exact time-frame on how long your contest will run. Will your budget be enough for the length of the competition? Lastly, make sure that the  prize is worthy for your contestants. You can give freebies, vouchers, gift certificate and some other good stuff that your fans will be enticed of.

Ads and Sponsored Stories

facebook-ad-marketingSimilar with Google Ads, Facebook display ads takes its cues from user’s profile information. Remember when you sign up for Facebook? You were asked to fill information such as gender, location, about your favorite sports, music, book, etc. This means that the Ad feed of a 21-year-old male college student from NYC will be different from 65-year-old retiree from Nebraska.

Sponsored Stories on the other hand, are similar to Facebook Ads but lets your friends’ and fan’s activities turn into Ads. However, this is one of the most unrealized opportunity in the social media site but this campaign is actually more personal and can lead to a bandwagon effect.

Just imagine all your close friends are liking a page, going to a certain place or attending a specific event. Will you not be curious to check it out?

Facebook is undeniably changing the social media landscape into a more personalized medium of connection online. Who knows, the next time a person search something in Facebook, the Graph Search will provide your page to him which in turn, is an free and easy SEO service for you.

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