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Facebook Hashtag Now Available in PH

Today, the number one social media site adapts the most popular  feature of its current rival, Twitter in employing hashtags to allow users in tracking hot or trending topics available in the online space.

Hashtag Now Available in Facebook

Facebook Hashtag Now Available!

Hashtags, appear as the # symbol and was followed by a keyword topic (#fbhashtag, #eleksyon2013, etc.) was first popularized on Twitter, that enables users to follow specific topics of conversation. While hashtag has been there for a while in Twitter and Google Plus, here are some tips on how to use hashtag on Facebook.

In the Philippines, hashtags have been very useful tool for social networking users to participate in online conversations as events unfold in real-time, such as news, relief efforts, showbiz, political debates, radio shows and sports. Most Filipino Twitter users also utilize hashtags to popularize their thoughts and magnify it through the social media stream. Hashtags such as #justsaying #tbt #keepcalmand #election2013 and #reliefPH are few examples of Filipino trending topics on Twitter.

Facebook #Hashtag for Filipino Internet Marketers

In a press statement released by Facebook, it said clicking a hashtag would bring up a chronologically ordered list of comments using the same term, including posts from people and pages they were not friends with and had not liked. A valuable opportunity for advertisers in increasing the virality of their social media campaigns.

Social media marketers and digital marketing agencies in the Philippines would now be able to create hashtag phrases to popularize their promotional topics that will be very beneficial in boosting awareness of an advocacy or a brand. We can now expect organizations to magnify their branding message in connecting to their target market.

It is also expected that Facebook will monetize popular hashtag topics as these will allow them to increase their ad spaces for their CPM, CPA and CPC advertorial targeting; a very promising strategy to improve plummeting Facebook’s stock market value.