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Five Tips on How To Manage Your Internet Marketing Team Effectively

As more and more businesses are making the lead towards the digital world, business owners are now considering hiring an Internet marketing firm to manage their online marketing strategies. Hiring one makes a company’s Web presence more vibrant and strong.

In the last ten years, no one expected the rise of digital marketing but as time pass by, there became an obvious need for companies to hit the Web because it is the next step towards earning more profits in the least expense. And so, the growth of SEO companies and Internet marketing firms were inevitable. If you find yourself tasked with managing an Internet marketing team, here are five tips to make sure that your team is working effectively.

Understand Team Roles

Compared with workers in traditional sales and marketing industry, digital workers may present different challenges. Internet marketing is complex in nature and very dynamic compared to traditional advertising so a team manager must understand the specified tasks allotted for each member of his/her team.

Set your Marketing Strategy/Goals

From the beginning, it is important that you reiterate to your team your marketing strategy so that you will be on the same page and for you, as a team leader, to track the progress. Make clear to your boss your organization’s preferred marketing strategy—if you either want to focus on Pay-Per-Click advertising or a full blast SEO service. These two techniques are done differently so must have a clear understanding of your strategy’s direction to properly assign the tasks or your team.

Analyze Team Weaknesses

Over time, an observant team manager will know his/her team’s weaknesses and strengths. For example, your team might be lacking a strong link builder, so, as a team manager, being aware of these deficiencies will allow you to either hire new people into the team to address these concerns or add continuing education programs that will train and develop your existing teammate’s knowledge and skills.

Balance Vision and Technical Priorities

You, as a leader, should have a vision of what constitutes online “success” and the technical planning to see these dreams come to life. When you have already established your vision and goals, you should carefully allocate your team’s resources to support these priorities. Always look at the bigger picture and hire employees that are detail-oriented and when assigning tasks, make sure to track your progress.

On-Board Programs

There are many start-up Internet marketing firms and SEO companies who throw new employees into the mix without properly explaining the team’s overall objectives and workflows. This results to poor performance and the techniques are not carried out as effectively as possible. On-board training programs should be a huge team management process to introduce new employees to the team’s practices over time.

Each team’s success depends on a combination of goal-oriented team members, clear visualization of goals and a determined leader who is willing to take risks for his/her team members.

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