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Google and Youtube: From the PC to TV?

Google continues to expand! Just last month, it has announced that it will open new offices in several countries such as the Philippines and also announced to develop a new UK headquarters in London. These new offices open opportunities to strengthen internet marketing in the Philippines and in other countries by making their resources even more accessible. We know that Google is such a big company and even if it launches offices in several other parts of the world, everyone will be enticed to work for them.

To add to their extensive services, Google announced its partnership with Freesat to launch a Youtube channel, and I’m not just talking about a channel on their website through the internet, but an actual channel on the programming on their television dedicated to Youtube videos. Freesat is one of the TV cable provider in the UK that is backed up by BBC and ITV and is subscribed by more than a million homes.

Normally, videos on Youtube are accessed by having to go to Youtube’s website through the internet but now, with this service, subscribers of Freesat can easily access Youtube anytime simply by using their television which makes it more convenient. There’s no longer the need to manually connect your computer screens to the TV. Freesat is already operating on 60 channels and this will be their next treat for their subscribers.

However, the channel is set to launch by the end of next month so for now, Youtube is still accessed through the internet.

What does this mean? Well, Google and Youtube would certainly benefit from this latest project but in a business point of view, it can also be an opportunity to promote or market your businesses. It is also an added reason as to why you should maximize your Youtube account. However, it’s not just the quantity of videos. In a previous post, we discussed ways to optimize your Youtube videos and with this expansion to the TV screens, there is an added potential that your videos might be broadcasted on TV screens on a wider audience.

Though Google or Freesat has yet to announced what type of Youtube videos will be shown, this development shows that digital marketing may evolve and branch out. Your Youtube videos may not just appear on search engines on the internet but also on other forms of media. Even if this is exclusive to the UK, if this is successful, we may hear news of other countries following this trend. Social media Who knows what Google is up to next. One can only wonder!


Article written by Martin Santos, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digitalmoz



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