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Google Plus Ads Now Available For Businesses

Once there was PPC, then Facebook and Twitter ads. The fast-phased industry of digital marketing continues to evolve. Recently, the search engine giant, Google, announced the availability of Google Plus Ads welcoming business pages to promote their brand online.

Google Plus is the social media site similar to Facebook. It was launched on June 28, 2011. If you already have a Gmail account, you can easily create your profile that connects to Google products such as YouTube and Google Play.

This new feature is a good avenue for businesses that has a market on Google Plus and wants to grow their business further.  It’s an additional tool for businesses that are working on search marketing, Google Places, as well as on YouTube Ads for their brands. If you don’t have a business page in Google Plus, start creating now to see if this channel will work for you.

How the Ads will look like

Google Plus ads are also known as +Post ads, and yes, the ads will simply look like a regular post. Toyota USA promoted their 2014 Corolla using +Post ads. The European Parliament also tried the ads for the recent EU elections encouraging citizens to take part on the


The +Post ads are also available on video content. Any YouTube video you post can be an ad and you can choose a custom thumbnail as featured image to attract more
On the other hand, the ads are also available in Google Hangout. It’s a live broadcast or video chat on Google Plus where people can get in touch and share ideas about certain topics. Even president Barack Obama uses Hangouts once in a while. With +Post ads, pages can promote before, during and after the

How it works

Like any other social media ads, you need a great content that will attract your audience; a content that will make them plus, share and comment on your post. However, there are specific requirements for a G+ business page before you can start.

  • Your page must have at least 1,000 followers
  • Content of post must be relevant to your audience.
  • You agree to Shared Endorsements settings which lets your followers and the public to see your posts.

In addition, promoting your page is limited to one size only. But, if you’re promoting a post, the +Post ads will be available in different sizes. +Post ads can be set up in Google Adwords where cost and reports are also available.

Restrictions and policies

After creating your ad, it will be reviewed within one working day or more depending on its complexity. Then, you will be notified in your Adwords account if it was approved or not. If it’s denied, they will give you steps on how to fix the issue.

The Adwords Policy Center provides detailed information on the dos and don’ts in Google ads. For the most part, it’s about positive user experience, safety and security. The ads should also be legal, accurate and doesn’t violate privacy.
+Post ads tips

  • Ad space is limited so make sure to make it simple and compelling.
  • Use the preview feature in Adwords to make sure that the ads will appear as you expected.
  • Monitor your +Post ads and comments. You can edit, delete a post as well as disable and delete comments on your post.
  • Use high resolution and legally acquired images.
  • GIF files can be posted and will run for 30 seconds.

Why businesses should try Google Plus Ads

Among 1.15 billion registered users, there are 359 million active G+ users as of December 2013. It’s a fast-growing site considering that it only started in 2011. But why not, almost everyone has Gmail or if you want to comment on a YouTube video, you need an account which adds to that number – definitely a good strategy.

Creating a +Post ads will give your post a wider reach, tapping not only your followers but also people in your niche. In addition to that, Google has a lot of data which can help your business target your market’s demographics. And for the future algorithms, I believe being in Google Plus will surely pay off.

This feature is relatively new. Let’s see how it can be profitable for businesses. Tell us what you think by sharing this post!

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