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Google to Blame: Raventools Keyword Rank Tracker OUT

Raventools, one of the world’s most popular and most powerful SEO and internet marketing software has announced that it is scraping out its keyword tracking capabilities in its reporting suite on January 2, 2013 at exactly 5pm PST together with SEMRush keyword tool, another valuable search engine optimisation tool for keyword research.

In an email sent by Patrick E. Keeble, co-founder and president of Raventools, he has advised their customers that this decision was prompted in order to comply with the AdWords API Terms of Service, which they got suspended for some weeks ago.

Keeble’s email said:

According to the AdWords API team, if we made these changes by this deadline, our software would be in compliance with the AdWords API Terms of Service. That means we can and will continue to offer AdWords research, management and reporting tools well into the future.

Raventools has clearly favoured pay-per-click management reporting versus organic rankings and has chosen to eliminate the keyword tracking data report.

The Move was Prompted by Google

Google has been very tight in enforcing Google Adwords API terms of service. This means that software companies that imports Google Adwords API in order to manage and pull data from adwords need to follow Google rules. And part of this rule is to attack the SEO world by killing organic data. See full scraping SERP tracker details from Raventools.

Furthemore, Keeble wrote in to his blog:

Raven wasn’t singled out during this AdWords audit. We know that two of our third-party data providers have lost AdWords API access at some point in the past two years. Google seems to be universally enforcing its terms of service regarding scraped Google data, which it has every right to do as a business.

If this enforcement continues—and I believe it will—then every software company will have to make the same choice as Raven: either you comply with Google’s requests or you don’t. Every SEO tool provider will have to choose between a very risky future (unauthorized, scraped data) or a less risky future (authorized API data).

Regardless, it will be impossible for any software company to provide scraped Google ranking data and authorized AdWords API data.
And what happens when Google realizes that it’s not just its editorial content that’s being scraped, its money-making advertising data is being scraped, then sold as authorized data, too?

Google is trying to kill SEO

We all know that Google earns money through paid advertisements via Google adwords. In an attempt to increase ad spending, Google has been speculated to increase paid ads share by attacking organic searches through algorithm updates such as Panda and Pengiun that penalizes big SEO spenders. This leads us to conclude that most of Google updates are geared towards to profit rather than quality.

Google is also blinding SEO practitioners by not showing all keyword data in Google analytics. This means that Google is not sharing you the keywords that are bringing you traffic and conversions, giving you only partial amount of data to decide on for your SEO campaigns. This is the report “Keyword (not provided)” on your Google analytics report.

How important keyword ranking report is for SEO?

SERP keyword tracker report is very important for SEO companies and practitioners as it monitors the keywords movement organically. Raventools used to provide weekly and monthly keyword ranking reports on a steady basis that SEO agencies can show to the client if the SEO campaign is effective and if all the optimization efforts are resulting in to progress.
Sample of SERP Keyword Tracking Report from Raven Tools