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Three Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Professional for your Video Marketing

SEO companies are looking at every angle and every marketing strategy possible to bring traffic your website. Onsite optimization, link building and social media presence are not enough to guarantee that your site will be on the first page; more so, if it will bring you conversions.

Aside from the strategies mentioned above, SEO companies these days are also looking into making marketing videos for their clients. Come to think of it, with almost every one having access to the Internet  through mobile phones and tablets, and the abundance of inexpensive editing software available online, one can easily make a marketing video so that readers will not be bombarded with words.

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Expertise, Time and Budget. Photo from Google

But, what are the things that we should consider when hiring a professional in order to ensure the effectiveness of this marketing strategy? In this post, find out four things to consider before making a decision.


The difference between a marketing video and any other link building strategy is that, when you make a mistake, it is so hard to undo. While making your own video, don’t rush into it to avoid making a mistake that might become viral. In the long run, it might hurt your website and your business as well.

Take time to honestly evaluate the resources that you will incorporate into your video and what products or services that you would want to highlight. If you have any reservations, it is the time to call in a professional.

When hiring a professional, make sure that he has a credible portfolio and has experience in the business. You can always ask for samples of his previous works and he should be open about your ideas. Make sure that you compromise so that the video will turn out the way you planned.


Making a marketing video is no easy feat. If you have the time and knowledge about it, then, that’s good; but if your hands are already full, it may be well worth outsourcing it. Conceptualizing, shooting, editing, hosting and embedding a video takes time. And if you do these all by yourself, you might lose focus on your business.


This is one of the most important considerations when making a marketing video because producing one means you have to somehow shell out a few bucks so that your video will be credible, interactive and effective.

Sure, do-it-yourself projects can save money and when your resources are really low, you have no choice but to make a marketing video on your own. But, the advantage of hiring a pro is that you will get better results.

YouTube is the second search engine for information and this is enough reason why businesses need to have a marketing video. Videos are becoming essential for any SEO strategy that is why it has to be done right. You don’t have to rush it—the important thing to keep in mind is that your message will be understood by your audience.