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How Facebook’s Premium Video Ads Will Benefit Businesses

How much tolerance do you have when watching video ads at the beginning of every music video, TV show or movie when you fire up Youtube? Are you easily persuaded to watch the whole ad, or do you just patiently wait for the 5 seconds to end, are you annoyed all throughout your Youtube experience? Well, whichever it is that you go for, nothing can control Facebook in offering video ads which users will start to see in late April or early May.

Users will see no more than three video commercials per day. The ads will be estimately priced from $1 million to about $2.5 million a day, according to sources.

As you all can remember, Facebook started releasing ads in different forms. The page promotion and post promotion are found to be very effective and these sponsored posts tend to become viral.

Will premium video ads make or break your business?

Mashable says that Facebook is hoping to impress TV advertisers and that its targeting and analytics are vastly superior to broadcast TV. Will it be annoying? Well, Facebook says that the videos won’t be too intrusive – its sound won’t be able to bug you as soon as they appear. You’ll only hear the sounds if you tap the ad.


The giant social media network also ensures that the ads that they will be releasing won’t be irritating. Its likeness will be measured by Ace Metrix, a firm that measures how much people like or dislike TV commercials.

Capitalists should take advantage of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users worldwide. if you are a business or company owner in the Philippines, take advantage of internet marketing with these premium video ads once they hit our news feeds.


Since these premium video ads are on the experimental stage, Facebook will roll them out slowly and see how people will respond to them. These limited introductions allows them to create an engaging way of presenting brands by means of compelling video experiences.

High-priced premium video ads will enable brands to engage with masses like never before. How Facebook users react when it starts to be released is one of the biggest considerations for every brands because it will help them analyze the effectiveness of these 15 second video ads in the near future.



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