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How Not Knowing the Right Digital Agency Makes You a Rookie

Yes, we understand that you’ve worked your way to the top and this account hangs in the balance. Impressing your bosses and keeping your clients happy are what motivate you to look for long-term marketing plans that would rev up your game. Now that you are looking for alternatives, you know that you can’t forever swim in new waters. Instead of looking like a newbie, you want to be in command and master another marketing skill to avoid pitfalls along the way.


So now that you’ve graduated from traditional and wanted to venture into digital, how can you make sure that you’re dealing your cards right? It’s part of the marketing game that you always look in command.So suit up and find the right digital marketing partner to guide you.


Take note of these cues now.


Know that your website is not just your digital avenue

Your website may be the focal point of your business, but online marketing can reach out beyond it.  You don’t just revamp your website and hope for organic traffic to bring you conversions. A good digital agency knows how to segment your market, create content, and engage your audience through various channels beyond your website such as videos and social media.


Work with versatile experts

You want to play it smart by knowing how each arm of digital marketing works and how each could be utilized in your campaign. Talk to an agency with a bunch of experts brimming with portfolio ranging from full-force Google Adwords operations, successfully-run social media campaign to syncing offline events with online strategies. From technical skills to creativity, you know that having people in between those categories will give you great advantage. With a variety of campaigns the agency has handled and its ability to adapt to your style, you’ll know that you can count on it to give you the suitable service for your brand.


Be smart in pricing a service

You are not a brand manager if you don’t know how to get the best deals out of services being presented to you. You should compare oranges to oranges, and not just look at the final price. What kind of people are you hiring? How much time can they devote to your brand? What are you getting with that kind of deal? Take note that getting 10 articles a month does not guarantee you an engagement from your target audience.


There are a lot of digital marketers in the world wide web. You may even choose to just hire the first website that you see on the first page of search results. But how much are you willing to risk in getting a trial run before settling down with the right digital agency for you?


Scope your project, do your research, weigh your options and get a good deal. Be in command and don’t be lured by empty promises. Take control of your campaign and be the marketer you are — someone who knows when the right partner comes along and does not hesitate to take a leap of faith.


Cindy Alimorong

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Cindy is a fulltime writer and parttime traveller. Join her in her adventures to digital marketing land and beyond.