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Claim It! How to be an Analytical Marketer

If you were the boss, what would you want to hear and see in the reports from your Analytical Marketer? Always put yourself in the position of your boss, and think like one, in order to make the most impressive reports.

smart-young-woman-w352So, how can you wow your boss and make him feel that you’re a hardcore analytical marketer? Of course, you have to back up your presentations with numbers, statistics, graphs, and the like that shows trend movements.

The point is, you don’t have to look like a “math geek” in order to look like a legit analytical marketer. It’s a big problem if you’re not,  but worry no more because there are a lot of web analytic tools that can save you. Specially for digital marketers, here are what you need to dig up for your next presentation:


Keep track of your SEO Rankings

Know how well your company’s web presence is doing. Create a list of target keywords and plug them in an SEO tool that allows you to easily check weekly and monthly stats. Example would be MOZ etc.

Tap Google Analytics

It’s a must to do your homework. Keep an eye on what gives traffic to your site, what boosts your sales, and locate your target market using the wonders of Google Analytics. With this free tool, you’re a few clicks away from generating reports that could “wow” your boss.

Master your Excel or Spreadsheet Software

Make your report look even more professional by presenting it using your spreadsheet software. It’s easier to understand and have a clear picture of data and numbers when presented using a bar, pie or any graphic presentations.

Measure ROI

At the end of the day, your boss will be eager to hear a lot about return of investment. Show them how much increase in sales/clients you have made/produced since the commencement of your campaign.

Ask the Right Questions (at the right time)

Have a mind like a leader. Keep in mind your marketing goals and check if you were able to achieve all your “promised” deliverables. Look back at your previous situation and ask the right questions to better present how effective and beneficial your campaign is.


Enough of giving lengthy-touchy explanations about “increasing brand awareness,” instead focus on presenting analytical methods and results that could justify the budget they are spending on your campaign.


For further expertise, you can always seek the services of a digital marketing company and sit down with their specialists for your questions.

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