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How to End a Direct Email – Trash Bin Love Affair

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The consequence of sending messages that is not well-designed for your email direct marketing campaign can hurt you to the extent of diminishing any potential income and damaging your brand’s reputation.

Keep in mind that the leads on your mailing list have given you something valuable – their email addresses, so don’t waste that opportunity by sending trash-worthy emails. Here’s what you can do to end direct email – trash bin love affair:


Do not skip the Getting-To-Know stage

Targeting is very common for every businesses there is. Getting a good grasp of client knowledge is the foundation of a satisfying and profitable communication. You should know by now that direct emails are meant to be tailored relatable to whom you are talking to. Sending the wrong message is an indicator for clients on your email list that you know nothing about them. From that point, expect drastic open rate decline and waves of client clicking the unsubscribe button.

Accept that your views on hard selling is not mutual

At the end of the day, gaining profit is the main concern, but spare yourself and your brand from imploring an “in-your-face-buy-what-we-are-selling” email strategy. Instead of hard-selling, why not take your client on a journey of need discovery that will later on lead to sales? State your value proposition, tell stories from existing clientele, and establish a connection with your email recipients. When done correctly, you can expect your brand climbing up the ladder on your client preferences.

Never be a cold-hearted email sender

You are sending business-related emails, but there is no need to be stiff and too taciturn. Your client will spend time reading your message, might as well give them a good read. Let them feel the vibe that they are reading a customized email sent by a reliable representative of your brand and not just an automated robot sending them spam mails.

Actions speak louder than words or mails

Never expect something positive to happen after sending emails that have vague meaning and no clear instructions to guide readers. May it be having them to register for your newsletter subscription, download an app, add your product to their cart; your main goal is to tell your readers to do something. Thus, a call-to-action button plays an essential role in your email campaign.
Successful email marketing campaigns will help you gain brand awareness and turn readers into clients. It is unbelievable how many marketers and brands keep on sending terrible emails that waste their resources and hurt their reputation in the end. Luckily, there are digital marketing agencies in Philippines to save your emails from ending up in your clients’ trash bin.