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How to find an SEO Expert for your Small Business

Nowadays, businesses are seeing the potential of SEO for their growth. Optimizing their websites, finding the right keywords and maximizing their social media accounts for marketing purposes are now being practiced by several companies. SEO is a powerful tool to increase visibility online and generate sales.

Although SEO is a rising industry, not all companies have special departments assigned to them and this is where outsourcing comes in. There are companies, both local and international, who offer purely SEO services. This does not only mean they are able to open your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post updates but they can also do other services such as fixing your website’s meta data, submit to local directories and even do online reputation management.

This is very convenient for companies who are looking to maximize their resources and expand their business through online campaigns.

Where to start?

SEO companies are everywhere. Some people even do freelance and home-based work and do things on their own while getting paid a decent amount.

For companies who are looking to hire professional SEO services, there is no other efficient way to find them than on the internet where SEO relies heavily on. A simple Google search can give you pages worth of good results. The most reliable ones are most likely found in the first page, after all, that is their main goal. If they can put their own company on the first page, then that may be good news as they can do the same for you. However, that is not a reason to limit yourself to page 1 as there may be other “hidden gems” or other reliable companies ranked on other pages.

Don’t hesitate to contact them even through the phone. You can make your early judgment just from the response time. You can have an idea of how they are as a service provider right from your first conversation. Check their general attitude towards you. Do they sound friendly? Do they even sound interested in working for you as their client? Feeling stressed out may show how full their hands are. This may indicate that they have limited time to work on your account and unless your account is bringing in millions into the company, you may be on the last of their priorities.

What to look for?

With plenty of SEO experts and companies to choose from, you need to have your own criteria based on your own requirements.

Always ask for the the complete packages of services that they offer. Price range can also vary for every company which is why you should decide very carefully. You wouldn’t want to pay such a huge price for an incomplete package as some offers limited SEO services. Try to find the best deal possible that is good for both all parties.

Experience Matters

It is also recommended that you check out their background. Look at their current and overall list of clients and if possible, inquire about their experiences and success stories with their online campaigns. If you are not convinced, going directly to their clients is an alternative. After all, it is best to hire an experienced company rather than a cheap one.

Another way of checking the credibility of the SEO company is by looking at reviews or write-ups. This will give you a different perspective in making your decision. These referrals can also be a good way to discover other options.

In the end, it will still be up to you and your needs. For first-timers, you may experience a trial-and-error period and find yourself switching to a new company once a campaign fails. That is nothing new in any type of business.

The key is patience as these campaigns usually take months before you feel the full effect. But always remember that SEO companies are always aiming to give outstanding results to their clients and its just a matter of building a good working relationship.

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