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How to Make Your Website Readable?

Content is king. Indeed, it is. But no matter how good your content is, if your website is not readable, then obviously your readers are not going to read it. This lowers the chances of converting these visitors into leads and eventually into sales. So, here are some tips to keep your visitors linger around your website a little bit longer than they’re supposed to.



Keep it short

Long texts are not appropriate on the internet, it will only make your reader exhausted. The shorter your paragraphs are, the easier for your readers to scan the relevant content they are looking for.


Give it space

This is to let your content breathe. Too crowded text format makes it hard for visitors to read, the same way with too much space. Layout your content by sections just like in newspapers. Adjust the margins and spaces between lines.


Break it down

As what mentioned, long texts are not good on the screen. To avoid this, use bullets and subheads to organize information in a short and concise form. It will also be easier for the readers to remember your content since it is written down like a list.


Use inverted pyramid

News are written in inverted pyramid style wherein the large part is composed of all the relevant information needed while narrowing it into the supporting details down to the related stuff. Writing in this format will be beneficial for your readers since modern-marketer-social-media-645x1024they only read what they needed to read.


Add visuals

As we are all aware, not all people are readers. Visuals are preferred over long texts. Make sure to take this advantage and place images, charts, tables, infographics, or videos to support your content.


There you go, follow these tips to make your content marketing more effective.


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