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How to Spot a Performance Marketing Agency That Will Truly Perform



Reality check: You, especially if this “performance marketing” thing is new to you, implementing efforts through this channel by yourself is not a winning gamble.

If you are the type of advertiser that thinks better than to try your luck, by this time you may already have a list of probable performance marketing agency partners that you would like to work with.

However, can you spot the one that will truly perform to meet your goals? When in the vigorous quest of searching for the performance marketing agency to partner with, here are a few things you can think through:

Expertise and Recognition

Affiliate marketing, programmatic buying, generating leads, SEO are tricky, complex, and well-defined activities to be trusted with a lackluster partner agency. Extensive expertise in these digital marketing areas is really important that’s why knowing their capabilities and whether they excel at doing it should be your preliminary sieves to spot the right agency. And yes, awards may just be additional icing on the cake, but isn’t it a huge confidence boost and more assuring to do paid advertising for your brand with a partner agency acknowledged by the industry? If you agree, better be looking back as to how they perform over the years.

Brand-Agency Synchronization

Owning your brand and protecting your branding is a no-brainer main objective of your marketing efforts. You know your brand and you know how you want it to be communicated to your audience all throughout your channels. Therefore, opt for agency that has a clear sense of brand alignment.


Transparency is a major foundation wherein a good agency-brand relationship can prosper. But it must never be viewed one-way and expected to come from the agency alone. The factors you should determine on the agency’s side is whether they will be keen to answer if your budget is spent effectively on ads that are actually served to your target audience using the appropriate channel and with the right frequency. Support this by clearly defining the level of openness and transparency the agency can expect from you.

Forward Thinking

Saving the question of “where do we go from here?” for the latter part of your advertising campaign or the partnership is not be a good idea. If you don’t want yourself and your brand be surprised and left hanging when all else don’t go as planned, better ask your prospect agency about their plans moving forward. It doesn’t need to be direct to the point strategies or more than ballpark figures, just insights to shed some light for your brand in the long-run. If signs of commitment to innovation and adaptability to latest trends are apparent, consider it a good indication.

High-Touch Service

Know the members of the team that the agency will assign to work on your brand. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to assess if the agency supports them in honing their skills and nurture a working environment conducive to productivity, efficiency, and professionalism. A team that perfectly matches your brand and equipped with the needed technical knowledge will help ensure that you get the attention and high-touch service combined with more strategic planning, out-of-the-box ideas, and higher return on your investment.

With the ever-changing digital marketing world wherein both customers and brands can see, feel, and eventually adapt to, more and more performance marketing agency partners are expected to champion their own ways to survive these changes. These points are good stepping stones for you to spot the performance marketing agency that will truly perform and support you in meeting your marketing needs and help your brand grow.