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Improving Your SEO through Pinterest

It is a given fact the Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the world of digital marketing.  There are many SEO companies located in the Philippines that develop different strategies to make a website rank. Picking the most competitive keywords, creating high-quality articles, linking to the right pages, and sharing your services to well known sites, are just some of the ways your domain can rank higher in search engines.

Social media has a huge impact on the search engine friendliness of your website. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have increasingly gained the attention of many consumers and unique social media posts have helped businesses obtain their desired online presence. Also, these channels helped modern businesses direct traffic towards their website.

Aside from these methods, SEO specialists in the Philippines also make use of a social media channel that can also boost traffic – Pinterest. Its visual design development has become a huge asset in the social media platform and will possibly become a trend this 2014. It has become a well-known marketing tool for businesses and their fascinating tweaks have been very useful in building up their brand. By taking advantage of this social networking site, you can get the traffic results you’ve always longed for.


How to Improve your SEO with Pinterest


Optimize your Profile

When setting up a Pinterest profile, choose a Pinner or user name that will represent your brand well. The profile name will be included in the title tag and URL of the page, which will impact SEO for Pinterest search. Since your username and your About us section always get picked up by search engines, it is important to complete the entire profile make sure to use your keywords in the description to boost your visibility in search results.

Optimize your Boards

Your boards are the key to gaining more followers because they are the first thing visible on your page. Give each board a clear, straightforward and meaningful title; if possible, include a keyword. A simple “Tank top for girls” is just right as it gives a clear indication of what the browsers will see in the board. Keep your titles under 28 characters. For the description, let your followers know what’s inside the board and limit your characters to 300. Use the most fascinating photo as a cover to attract your visitors to open the board.

Spread Out Unique Photos and Content

Since it is your business account (personal account or business account? rephrase), feel free to share attractive images and captivating content to the world. Choose a catchy phrase for every caption in order to grab the attention of other users. A good caption and a very interesting content can lead to a number of ‘pins’ or ‘repins’ wherein more people will see all of it. Remember that every post is important as it can reach out to a massive audience making your product and your service become more visible in search engines.

Build More Followers

Followers are important so that your pins won’t go to waste. Also, building a huge amount of followers will spread your pins faster and further. To increase your followers, immediately follow back if someone follows you. Commenting on other users’ pins is also a wise move as it can encourage them to follow you back.

Take advantage of Social Media Signals

Social media signal is a link from other social media profiles that lands to your website and your other pages. To achieve good social engagement, connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account to your Pinterest account. After that, add the URL of your other social media profiles in the About section of your Pinterest. Aside from reaching a wider audience, Google will reward your sites for boosting your social signals.


Pinterest plays an important role for individuals and businesses. With a growing number of users who seek good content, photos and videos via social media channels, Pinterest is definitely  a powerful tool in increasing traffic and higher page rank this 2014. Every business’main focus should be creating quality content, remarkable description and a strong engagement around your brand and service.


Quennie Faye Noreen Dolor

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