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Five Brilliant Infographics Useful for Philippine Internet Marketers

Today, in the era of Digital Marketing, even the tiniest little data can be squeezed to create a huge difference between a cause and effect. These things tend to mold our way of living, how we communicate and connect with others.

Infographics turns complex information to a simple, easy to understand yet appealing presentation. Amongst the variety of these, Digitalmoz would like to share five of the most interesting way of utilizing your data and convert it to infographics.

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On fifth place is “Google+ for business”. Lately, it hasn’t been that much of a great impact to majority of the online users especially in businesses. Google+ has more than 90 million users and about 60% of these users log in everyday. Imagine the earnings when you can convert a huge chunk of it!

In SEO point of view, contents and links posted here with more +1 are more likely to have a higher rank on Google search results. Google+ has yet to be fully utilized by organizations in different industries, so start building up links, share common interests and redirect the community back to your business!




Coming on fourth place is “Business Benefits of Twitter.” More often today than it was years ago, tweets from a single person or an organization are more straightforward. Businesses today tend to build a camp here, why? There are more than 100 million active users who are regularly checking tweets. Today, about 25% considered contacting businesses via twitter. Customers tend to change brands, buy company products, avail promos and discounts from tweets of well known people like the celebrities they follow. The tweet effect can be a great form of marketing as well as online awareness  for your business.

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Third place is “The Anatomy of Viral Marketing.” Videos on YouTube and other related sites are some of the attention grabbing things in the digital world. The question is “how do these clips trend and increase their views so fast?” There is more than one factor that you need to consider.

One is having a focus, should the video be funny, cute or both? Depending on what you want to deliver. The video should always be appealing and entertaining as well as useful to your target audience and not that disturbing to the other audiences. The last important thing is the creation of an attention grabbing title; this is the first thing a user would see on your video. Create and organize your video clips and share it to well known sites and message boards.

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Top two on the list is “Mobile Marketing and Advertising.” Mobile technology is one of most rapid growing and innovating industry worldwide. Smartphone users alone cater 1.08 billion users which is 27% of the total mobile community, and 30% or 328 million of it have access to social networks.

The most frequently used applications are games, weather, maps, social networking and music. A study says that women of age 35 to 54 are the most active on mobile networks. Mobile users can tweet something, like a post, share link and do so much more activities anywhere, anytime. You might want to start mobile marketing and advertising for your business.

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And the hotshot infographics is “Inbound Marketing Process.” This is the most meticulous and result oriented amongst all. It involves a comprehensive marketing plan including a well budgeted financial plan. One of the key factors to consider is the strategies and implementation of these plans, the dos and don’ts of it. Second important thing is to create a powerful and eye-catching website that is both user and search engine friendly. This also involves blogging on-site that results to more organic traffic.

The beauty of it is the metrics, you can generate data, measure your business’ performance and identify potential buyers whether they are interested to buy or just looking for a good selection. From advertising and sales to traffic and conversion this is the hottest type infographics you might want to use.

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The key success factors of the infographics above are the following:

  • define your target market

  • analyze the demographics

  • provide a decent placement

  • improve your website and apply digital marketing and SEO

  • create a strategic plan

  • always have value for money

The most important amongst all of these is the relevancy, quality and proper communication of your campaign materials.

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