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Integrating Sports in Social Media

Many of us are big fans of sports. Whether it’s a local league like the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) or a well known international league like the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), there is surely a sport that anyone can enjoy.

Most of these sports are broadcasted in different media such as the television and the internet where we, as viewers, can be spectators of the game as well and capture the atmosphere of the venue even if we are somewhere else.

Social media has been a vital factor in forming a connection between the sport and the fans.

Keeps us updated with scores and updates

Even if you’re busy with personal matters, scores can easily be retrieved through the internet. News outlets and social networks usually broadcasts the scores or provide streaming to watch the game even on your computers. Finding out who won can be done in an instant.

Be connected with the team

Got a favorite team? You can now show your support through social media by going to their fan sites, forums or official fan pages on Facebook and other websites. You can get the latest updates directly from the team. You can express how big of a fan you are and get to meet other fellow fans as well.

Reaching sports worldwide

Living in one country does not mean you are limited to your local sports. There are a lot of leagues that have reached a global status of fame and anyone can easily subscribe to updates for them through the media.

Social media is also an outlet to find out the hottest news on sports right at the specific moment of its occurrence. Take example the latest incident at the PBA where an import player of a particular team choked his own teammate due to the frustration of losing the game.

Twitter and other social media outlets exploded right away. It became one of the trending topics on Twitter and created a lot of buzz on blogs and Facebook.

Internet marketing is now stronger as ever as companies found a way to gain profit by connecting the fans and giving them a wider access to their favorite sports. By sponsoring the athletes and providing platforms for fans to subscribe to, the companies have maximized ways for them to monetize sports and at the same time, keep the fans satisfied. It is changing the landscape of the sports industry as putting social media as a big factor. Athletes and teams are now seen more as brands than just mere players due to the fact that they also possess the ability to influence the general public due to their media exposure.

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