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Introducing a Redesigned Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster is a very useful tool for any SEO or Online Media Specialist in monitoring campaigns. It is specially designed to track all external and internal pages that links to the website and see the source of the traffic coming from the Google search engine.

This is very helpful in checking for dead or broken links which can cause harm to a website. Furthermore, you can submit a sitemap and generate a Robots.txt file on the Webmaster tool.

Recently, Google Webmaster announced that they are restructuring the internal navigation to provide a better experience for the users.

Google has divided each part into sections that has their own functions.

Crawl Section

This section is where you see information on how Google discover and crawls your website content. Important facts in this section includes the crawl stats, crawl errors, URLs blocked from crawling, sitemaps, URL parameters and Fetch as Google, which is a feature that allows you to see a page the way Google sees it. The feature can be used to check the poor performance of your website.

Google Index Section

You can find out how many pages are indexed on Google and how Google understands your content. Useful information such as the overall index counts, keywords that Google found on your website and the request to remove URLs from the search engine can be found in this section.

Search Traffic Section

This is where you find out where your website visits are coming from. You can see information such as Search queries (how people find your website) Links to the Website (who recommended the website) and also see a sample of pages that have internal links from other internal web pages.

Search Appearance Section

Help Google understand your content better in indexing by marking up your pages in this section. It will help in how your website will appear in the search results. This section includes the Site Data Dashboard, data highlighter, sitelinks and HTML improvements.

Search Appearance Pop-up and Administrative tasks

Are you a newbie when it comes to internet marketing and in using the tool? Google Webmaster has addressed this concern by search appearance pop-up feature which allows the users to customize how your website will appear in the search results and also learn more about the content and structure changes that can affect other elements. This feature is located at the Search appearance menu on the sidebar.

Administrative tasks can now be performed by the users. These tasks covers access to site settings, change of address and setting up who can access the account. Certain access to several features of the tool can be determined in this section by giving a full or restricted access to users.

These changes are aimed for users to have an overall quality experience when using Google Webmaster Tool to track their SEO campaigns. But in your opinion, do you think this change is good? Or maybe it doesn’t help anything at all? What changes do you want to see next?

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